A letter to the editor
From the man in the corner
It's all in vain
They want your head
They want your head on a plate
For every fly that's on the wall
The news don't travel too fast anymore
It's just information burned up
Passed out, spun to your door

There's a light in your eyes
And there's fiction falling from the sky
See it all in black and white

A letter to the editor
Scraped from sky by the river
Now could it be all the fear that seems to be
Catching all around here
They've been kicking down my door
But I'm not taking any calls
And the choice of words is choose no words
Saying nothing, nothing at all

There's a light in your eyes
And there's fiction found between the lines
See it all in black and white
See it all in black and white

Tell it like it is
Tell it like it is
I'll put the pieces together
But I'll never ever know

There's a light in your eyes
And there's fiction falling from the skies
See it all in black and white
See it all in black and white
Black and white
Black and white
Black and white

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"Letter to the Editor" as written by Paul Anthony Dempsey Stephanie Ashworth

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    General CommentI love this song... I found myself listening to it over and over again. I was sure the lyrics ment something to me.. or really resonated with my own experience/worldview.

    I'm not entirely sure what it's about... but I can take a stab. These are just opinions, right?

    What I can read into it, is the superficiality of human-generated information networks. The lack of conception of Absolute Truth- the Infinate (All Being) conception of reality. The powerful pull of the cosmos, the dance of the spheres ('fiction falling from the skies') but then, fiction is like... the stuff of storybooks. Maybe what we think is true (non ficticious) is actually false, and vice-versa. Fiction is truth and non fiction is human opinion.

    'Tell it like it is'... (Truth) 'I'll put the pieces together' (we can form many opinions on the truth of things) 'but I'll never ever know' (the 'human implant' that prevents us from knowing, remembering or concieving of Ultimate Truth we know of on the other side of the veil).

    Who is the 'editor'. The editor is like a microcosm of human society itself, who manipulates, creates (new) and misinterprets already existing information to create a 'world of lies'.

    'There's a light in your eyes'... they say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Truth can be found in our eyes, the white light energy of the universe (the source of ultimate truth, our ultimate reality) shines through our eyes. Plato likened the eye to the sun, which was symbolic of truth but inconcievable through our human physical and intellectual faculties because it was 'blinding'.

    Black and white tends to extremes. 2 sides of the coin. 2 sides of the veil, which is thinning as I write. We are becoming more spiritually aware as the magnetic grids have been shifted by the lightworkers on the other side of the veil, like the ascended master Kyron- who is 'of magnetic service'.

    'They've been kicking down my door... but I'm not taking any calls.. and the choice of words is choose no words say nothing.. nothing at all'... in society, we influence each other with our opinions and exchange energy. In this case, it is the choice to shut yourself off from external information, energy- the vehicle for communication in this case, is silence and isolation. Which is a paradox, really, because that would render it non-communication. Each extreme contains its opposite... lack of information contains an abundance of information. I know that sounds like philosophical rhetoric, but if you think about it- it's like yin and yan. They attract each other, and contain qualities that bind them. Return to the black and white= extremes, but they are interdependent. Like silence and non-silence- information, communication. I'm not sure if I'm getting my point across very well. Oh well.

    'They want your head on a plate'... materialism is at its Zenith. Prehaps an expression of capitalistic sentiments that want to see everything commodifyed.
    freespiritedartiston November 24, 2004   Link

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