hold my flag high sweet surrender
fed myself and i'm so sorry
lifted up and i began believing
words of affirmation
taken from their rightful owner
clear to pass, distraction is defeated

even though i am a vessel
surrounded by a thousand angels
i forget, neglect it, at times complacent
feed this mind with wisdom
avoid all thoughts premeditated
life is at it's best in, simplicity too

and i am nothing but a slave
as self belief will lie and keep me down
my selfishness now lies in waste
i've learned to keep in sight
the people who've fallen

broken i'm down, falling
broken i fall into place
broken i'm down, falling
broken i'm broken

building all on faith and only
saying what is good and noble
relentless mouth piece for the people i love
clear to pass and worthy
i do nothing for His perfection
all i am and even need to be too

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    General CommentAndrew (lead singer) said:
    This song I wrote in response to the first moment I realised that I was depending on Antiskeptic for a feeling of self worth.
    In a band, you get to travel, meet new people, have heaps of fun and be the recipient of many people’s admiration. It’s very easy to slip into your own private universe, fed by the praise of an audience. You also become completely self-absorbed and dislocated from all you set out to do. The song name stems from an instance in my life when God pulled me up and challenged me on a few things, such as self belief and selfishness. Once I had learnt from this, I was ‘Clear to pass’ to the next stage and whatever lessons He had for me.

    Hold my flag high sweet surrender
    I fed myself and I’m so sorry
    Lifted up and I began believing
    Words of affirmation
    Taken from their rightful owner
    Clear to pass distraction is defeated

    I don’t believe that it is through years of practice and jamming that I have developed my skills as a song writer. I believe that God gave me this gift as a blessing and as a vehicle for Him to teach me. So with the second half of this verse, I am referring to the praise that in the past I have taken onboard, when it wasn’t mine in the first place.

    Even though I am a vessel
    Surrounded by a thousand angels
    My mind forgets, neglects at times complacent
    Feed this mind with wisdom
    Avoid all thoughts premeditated
    Life is at it’s best in simplicity too

    This verse is of a contemplative nature, a summing up of what I’d learnt from the first verse. I believe that God protects us and leads us, though it is our responsibility to be prayerful and not take for granted His provisions and protection over us. The second half of this verse is a request that God grant wisdom and the last few lines are a reminder to myself of a few simple life truths.

    And I am nothing but a slave
    As self belief will lie and keep me down
    My selfishness now lies in waste
    I’ve learned to keep my eyes on the people who’ve fallen

    I don’t believe that we as humans can believe in ourselves and live completely fulfilled lives. I also believe that selfishness is an express train to loneliness. What I mean by ‘the people who’ve fallen’ is the people who have had a rough trot in life and are perpetuating the cycle of whatever has been passed to them, such as depression, alcohol abuse, loneliness, greed etc.

    Broken I’m down falling
    Broken I fall into place
    Broken I’m down falling
    Broken I fall into place

    The word ‘broken’ in this instance isn’t negative. If you have pride, anger, jealousy in your heart, it will cripple and enslave you. If you ask God, He will break it from you, setting you free and into place.

    Building all on faith and only
    Saying what is good and noble
    Relentless mouthpiece for the people I love
    Clear to pass and worthy
    I do nothing for His perfection
    All I am and even need to be too

    The first half of this verse is living out what I learnt in the first verse. It’s the second two lines in this verse that may require some unpacking. Genesis 1:27 talks about how man is made in the image of God. Therefore it is not our acts that make us more holy and blameless in His sight, it is how close in relationship we are to Him. The last line is a reference to God’s provision over my life. He has made me all that I am, and He will provide me all that I will need in the future.
    knottyon April 22, 2005   Link
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    General Commentwow. awesome.
    mel-luvs-tleon March 29, 2007   Link

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