Imagine your brain as a
Canister filled with ink
Yeah, now think of your body
As the pen where the ink resides

Fuse the two; KAPOW!
What are you now?
You're the human magic marker, won't you
Please surprise my eyes?

It's in your nature,
You can paint whatever picture
You like no matter what
Ted Koppel says on channel 4 tonight

So modify this third rock from the sun
By painting myriads of pictures
With the colors of one
I'm sick of painting in black and white

My pen is dry, now I'm uptight
So sick of limiting myself
To fit your definition
Picture the scene, where whatever you thought,

Would, in the blink of an eye,
Manifest and become illustrated
You'd be sure man that every
Line drawn reflected a life that you loved

Not an existence that you hated
So, must we demonstrate that
We can't get it straight?
We've painted a picture,

Now we're drowning in paint
Lets figure out what the fuck it's about
Before the picture we painted
Chews us up and spits us out

I'm sick of painting in black and white
My pen is dry, now I'm uptight
So sick of limiting myself
To fit your definition


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Redefine Lyrics as written by Mark S. Jordan Incubus

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    General CommentThis is an amazing song. I am really glad Soil didnt decide to change their style after the success of their first CD. The new CD is really good too. Anyone who liked the first CD should pick this one up.
    DarkEternalon May 09, 2004   Link
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    General Commentis this song a prayer? seems that way to me, praying to God, and also thanking him for a new someone in his life. i like the song a lot. great riff.
    In-My-Treeon June 18, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI love this song so much. Its pretty much saying that no matter how much he messes up, does things wrong. God is always there to comfort and forgive him. Its pretty much a prayer to thank god for being so good to him. Like i said this is one of the best songs i ever heard.
    BaRbWiReon September 20, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of their best songs. It's a shame the singer left the band.
    theTruth927on October 30, 2004   Link
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    General CommentYeah but they havwe a new frontman, He looks promising, I can't wait to hear what he's bringing to the table.
    Disgorgeon January 03, 2005   Link
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    General CommentArg, you people...In-My-Tree and BaRbWiRe, this song is not about your effing religion, not everything is. Jeez.

    I think this song is about a REAL person, not an imaginary friend. Somebody depressed with a lot of mental shit going on, and the one person that helps them pull through:

    Somebody to make me feel whole again
    (my life gets better)
    Somebody to make me want to love again
    (my life gets better)
    Somebody to make me see the sun again
    (my life gets better)
    Somebody to hold me, hold me
    Until this life feels better

    Every time I fall
    And every time I lose control
    You help me, you save me
    And every time I lose myself
    You find me, redefine me
    And every time I hate myself
    You love me, forgive me
    And every time I lose myself
    You find me, redefine me

    Yep. definately about a person helping another person pull through a tough time. i think i'm a'gonna go print this and stick it in my buddy's locker.
    iquit666on May 16, 2005   Link
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    General Commenta great song. its happy and yet you can still shout and scream along to it.
    go_go_goon April 14, 2006   Link
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    General Commentbrilliant song...after a few times i recognised the song as a message to sum1 who got u thru a rough time....thnx m8s
    hbk4life1990on June 30, 2006   Link
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    General Comment@iquit: Your opinion is not neccesarily the right one. This is about interpreting songs the way you think they should be interpreted, not telling other people that their interpretations are incorrect. This song may very well be about religion and believing in God, and it might be about a person Ryan McCombs met in real life and that helped him - maybe both.

    I personally think this song is about Jesus' work in a person's life - which is my interpretation. I base it on that it fits into the picture I have of God - helpful, forgiving and loving. Another reason is that I discovered a cross at the end of the music video. I think it is too much resemblance to look away from it being the intention of the lyrics:

    Turns me round again
    Brings me face to face with my sin
    I've got it, always had it
    A reason to look within now
    To your sun again
    Burns the sin straight from my hands"

    "And every time I hate myself
    You love me, forgive me
    And every time I lose myself
    You find me, redefine me"

    You may very well disagree with me, but don't disagree by saying that I'm wrong - disagree by saying that you think something else.

    So this song might be about becoming a Christian, maybe about returning to life after meeting a special person. It might even be about both. So unless McCombs himself shows up here telling the intention he had with this song, we can't really know.

    And even if he says what his intention was, music is still such a subjective subject that people may interpret lyrics as they wish without being told that it can't be understood that way. Although then without basing it on that the writer meant it to be read like that.

    Peace and love
    ILBon January 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentTo me this song is about someone..not a figure of your imagination..its a person going through hard times and just having that special someone there by your side. A person you can turn to, one that helps when your feeling down. One that helps when you just need something other then yourself to bring you back when you just cant anymore. Might not make sense but I know what I mean..the point is to have a song mean what you think it should mean by the way your living your life. Not all song means the same to everyone. Thats why a song can be so powerful and moving. This is a GREAT song by Soil. They do rock the heck on. Wish I could see them in concert. Take this song to heart. It can make or break you. Live your life one day at a time. I always thought there isnt anyone out there to give to shits if I live or die. But thats not the case. And im VERY NON religious. I dont believe in a god or any god. I dont people should judge so quick when they say something like this. JUDGE NOT!!!
    TwoLOUDon March 12, 2007   Link

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