Trees sent communiques to bed.
"Fingerprints found tampering near fiberoptic bramble."
Instant messages sent to your bed.
Pillowcase up in the trees.
Press your face up in the trees.
Press your face up in the pines.
Text your message through the vines.
Born without any anytime minutes to lose.
This wood is deep and I'm not dead.
Deep in the thicket, I'm not dead.
Service continues.
I'm not dead.
We can stay in touch today.
We can stay in touch this way so we can stay and touch.

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When the Lines Go Down song meanings
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    General Commentit sounds like he's talking about phones. "when the lines go down" being telephone lines ("fiberoptic bramble"), and when, during a storm or something, they get knocked down, thus sending the "communiques to bed."

    "instant messages sent to your bed" and "text your message through the vines" can show the relentlessness of some people and how addicted they are to chatting. you can instant message and text message via cell phone.

    "born without any anytime minutes to lose." they feel the need to talk and talk because hey, if you have anytime minutes on your cell phone, you might as well not put them to waste.

    "service continues i'm not dead" is just can't escape phones and you have service anytime, anywhere.

    "we can stay in touch today..." no matter where you are or what happens, phones are always there. i think in this song he might be referring to them in a bad light because you can't ever get away from them...for lack of finding a better way to explain it.

    anyhow, that's just my interpretation.
    paper hearts ripon May 19, 2004   Link
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    General CommentYeah, this song is just about how addicted people are to cell phones, computers....just technology in general. and feel its a part of them, and cannot separate themselves from it.

    and maybe the

    "We can stay in touch this way so we can stay and touch."

    Is about 2 people staying in touch by technological means, who are apart for some when they are back together it seems like it's ok to "stay and touch" as in sexual things.

    I don't know though.
    E Bensonon November 14, 2004   Link

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