Well, did you do something for yourself, Mom
And get the hell out of the house.
Well, would you do something for your son, Mom
And stop taking all these pills.
'Cause it's cold in December and there's reason to stay in
and I want to see you when you're on the deck of that ship.
Yeah, you're sailing away and the sun looks right on your face.
Without a reason to believe in something, you can do most anything.
Well, that's what you told me some place, but I can't remember when
It was a long time ago, maybe the first day of school or going to visit Dad
I was scared but you told me I'd come home if I want. I was only nine but I went.
So, go on and make your families proud just like you always do.
Just like they want you to.

My old girlfriend's studying medicine. "Would you save my life if I got sick?"
"Haven't seen you in a while. How have you been? Of course if you have the right
insurance for it."
"And I think if we got back together again, you know,
give it a run, you know.
You were my first love."
"You're very drunk and we were very young.
I'm going to see this guy and it might be love.
Yeah, I think he might be the one."
"If you get married can I come? I gotta see this."

Well, go on and dig your holes in this ground.
Yeah, go on and lay your tired bodies down.
Just like you're going to. Just like they expect you to.
And I've been thinking about moving away.
Now that we've had this talk, I definitely may.
Well, now go on and break your word and it'll break me down.
And I'll go on and I'll break every last thing in this house.
Just like I'm going to. Just like you expect me to.
Now go on and make your family proud.
Now go on and stake your claim in this ground.
Now go on and take that last drink down and it'll get you through.
What did they put you through?

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    General Commentthis is easily my favorite Elected song and one of my favorite songs by any band, for that matter. it's not even a song, it's an experience.
    "now go on and make your family proud
    and go on and stake your claim in this ground
    now go on and take that last dream down and it'll get you through
    what did they put you through?"
    that whole part sends chills up my spine. you can feel that anger, that frustration. it's beautiful.
    holeinthewallon September 29, 2004   Link
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    General Commentthis is a great song. it has such a sense of urgency and tension. like..he sings it in such a way that makes it kind of tense, like he's on the verge of explosions, but is repressing it on purpose.
    i love it!
    princessKATIEon November 02, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI believe the last line of the song is "go on and take that last DRINK down..." not "dream".

    Hope that helps.


    murrayjf3on March 20, 2008   Link

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