Good Friday and I’m miles away
And missing you already
From a backyard in Balmain
To the post office and back again
I bought a postcard
I’m getting close
But I haven’t got around to it yet
I know I said I’d write
And maybe I might

You know I’m thinking of you
In the bookstore, in the laundromat
Guess how much I love you
Much more, more than that
More than that

Better Saturday
It’s been that way since I spoke to you this morning
From a pay-phone in a pub
Here’s the rock’n’roll and there’s the rub
And when I spoke to you
You said ‘I’ll see you soon’
But I won’t see you for ages
And your voice sounded so small
The loneliness of the long distance phone call

You know I’m thinking of you
In the bookstore, in the laundromat
Guess how much I love you
Much more, more than that
Guess how much I love you
More than that

Here’s me
Here’s you
Draw a line between the two
This is cartography for beginners
On a map the gap’s three fingers
But it’s more than that
It’s more than that

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    General CommentGOOD FRIDAYE MATE,
    Remember when you were a kid & you use to tell people I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH & like you'd spread out your arms as far as they would go. Yeah, just a random thought. Kinda reminds me of this song which is stunning by the way. The use of, "much more, more than that, more than that" following "guess how much I love you" & "but it's more than that, it's more than that" following "on a map the gap's three fingers" is beyond the perfect utilization of lyrics known to man, just about. love/love/love the lucksmiths & this song
    ITookManhattanon May 16, 2006   Link
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    General Commentits meaning is that hes away from his love, he left on a friday.... and he sin balmein.
    anyway - the map he has shows he is a three finger gap from his home.....
    this is my best friends and my fav song.
    shes living in peru - and on most maps, its a three finger gap between melbourne and peru! pretty cool hey?
    mimstaron July 13, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe melody is so slow and forlorn, which is fitting for how slow the time goes when you're away from someone you care about. He obviously cares very much in a very resigned and vulnerable way...I love how honest it is.

    I love the comparison between distance on a map and distance in real life. Sometimes it feels like an entire universe stands between you and someone you care about(physically or otherwise) but when you look at it in simple form, like in text or on a map, it seems so short, which somehow makes the gap feel even larger. It's so hard to bridge the distance sometimes, it's maddening.

    "And when I spoke to you
    You said 'I’ll see you soon'
    But I won’t see you for ages..."

    That whole verse about the phone call is so sad and touching. Perfectly captures that feeling I get when someone says he or she will see me soon, when we both know for a fact I won't, and how it makes me feel even more helpless and far away.
    delialon May 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThere are no words for how perfect this song is. Sometimes I don't listen to it for months, and then I do and I'm hit again by how wonderful it is. Clever, without quite being too clever. It's also less oblique in its emotional punch than many Lucksmiths songs. It's beautiful.

    The meaning to me is incredibly obvious so I won't interpret it. I remember years ago going on a trip to Europe and leaving my then-boyfriend behind in Australia. I sent him a postcard with the third verse (cartography for beginners) written on it. Kind of makes me laugh now (I was young - he was my first love) but truth be told, I'd most likely do that again with the right person.
    xanyaon January 10, 2015   Link

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