Everybody wanna know who run
Bitch, you know who the fuck run it
We run it
We always have and always will mutha fucka, whut!

Chorus x2:
Who play dem bitches like a ball game
The rydas do
Who play dem bitches like they all the same
The rydas do
Who play dem bitches like some ole lays
The rydas do
Who ride them bitches like a subtrain
The the the rydas do

I play the chicken heads
The way the chicken heads should be playin'
Got no time to listen to the sqwakin' that they be sayin'
You can eat this dick up
Till these balls break the chinup
I really have no preference if you swallow or spit up
You'ze a trick bitch
I got no luv for a trick, bitch
Only good for suckin' and massagin on this dick bitch
Got no love fo bitches
Never did and never will
Catch me fuckin' chunky ass bitches
With them high heals

Dem bitches don't know
Bout this Detroit Mafia
Hoods and black trucks
Khakis and black chucks
I put a bullet hole
Dead in yo jeep
You'll find tha back of your head
Is scattered all up in the street (Blaugh)
Two reasons
Number one you'ze a trick
Number two you ask a lot about my personal shit
So tell me
Is you a mark?
Cuz I ain't takin' no chance
I'd rather blow your head off and have you shittin' in your pants

Chorus x2

There ain't a bitch in this world
That I give a fuck about
Know that
Right off the bat
I grab your girl
And tell her blow that
Rydas iz keeping true
We just wanna bust a nut
On yo titties, on yo face
Or on that fat ass dub, what?
Bitches talkin' like that shit's the shit
They wanna ride wit us
But they don't wanna ryde this dick, shit
Fo Fo, keep it real as I can
And if you wit me
Don't forget me
And just give up the ass

Now who wanna fuck with a nigga that be maja
Always on the block, doin' ho's through my paga
Pimpin' on the regular
Steady slangin' rocks
Bitch, I'ma Ryda
And I keep the gun cocked
Fo any checky bitch
That wanna see me
The Rydas' real niggas
We one with the street
Where dem bitches
Der dem bitches
Eat up on a dick cuz you can't get wit us

Chorus x2

You can have a centipede hangin' out your pussy
I'ma still hit it raw, like gushy
Bitches betta recognize a Ryda
Bow down
And suckly we draggin' by yo foot and hangin' out my truck
See me on the corner
Swiggin' on some drank
If I show up at yo door
I expect to hit some pank
Gang affiliation
Meanin' everybodie's next to hit it
17 Rydas hit the pussy baby bitch admit it

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