Dead bodies
Dead homies
All over the streets
55 or 65 of us at least
I hang wit the dead till the brake of dawn
An fantasize of dead bitchs when I'm hitting the bong
I'd grab em by they ass
& Hump em till I'm cumming
Dead homey loving that dead bitch fuckin
Her neden tastes like chicken
Deep fried
I pumped her 50 times
& Then I busted in her eye
I just ate my 1st dead bitch last week
Still got a pussy hair caught up in my teeth
Before you start yelling
& Cursing my name
Remember something's wrong wit my brain
Second I was born doctor held me in his hands
Looked over too the nurse and notioned
For the garbage can
Was cold & shaking like a bowl of Jell-O
& My mom was like
"Oh my god! hello?"
He said I was born
From a cemetery place
Chilling wit a hatchet and a juggalo face
I know I'm not alive
I don't think you understand
I'm just a dead body man

You can call me the
Call me the
Dead body man
Body man
Body man
I'm the dead body man!

Dead bodies
Dead homies
In the back of the hurse
wit bumps so loud that ya ear drums burst
I ride through ya neighborhood
Bumping my shit
Great Milenko Mostasteless & my 1st EP bitch
Some line up on the corners of blocks
Where they slang dime bags of heron & crack rocks
It's all-good
Everybody gotta eat
But a keep ya bitch ass out of my streets
I mash through the eastside
Knocking the bass
Chilling wit my freaks and I'm picking her face
Maggots and bug like to crawl on her head
Cause my bitch is dead I'd rather that instead
Of a hoe you can't trust
Wit a dick in they butt
A dead body bitch learn to keep her mouth shut
Chilling in the back are my dead homies too
Which means they don't got nothing
On the trees & brew
If you think I'm sick take a look at yourself
Ya got dead deer heads up on ya shelf
On ya key chain is a little baby rabbits hand
& I'm still the dead body man

You can call me the
Call me the
Dead body man
Body man
Body man
I'm the dead body man!

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Dead Body Man 2002 song meanings
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