*Film reel rolling*

*Mostasteless intro plays*

*Freekshow intro plays*

*MirrorMirror intro plays*

"You see, just because a person looks nice on the outside, that don't make they nice on the inside! Hypocrites!"

"Alot of people look good on the outside, but within their wicked..."

*Green Book promo from Purple Show plays*

"They might look clean on the outside, but they're wicked, nasty, dirty within"

*Film reel stops*

(Serial Killas)
What is it about a serial killa that attracts you?
And makes this music that you can sharpen an axe to?
Taking you back through a hallway to a black room
No walls or ceilings, just doorways to pass through
You choose
Chainsaws are always nice, but razor blades and knives are way more precise
When it comes to cutting, this shit here is an art
And we finish what we start
That's what separates us apart from other mothafuckas
Not saying no names, but them other mothafuckas ain't family
And they say I'm sick, to sick, well how sick do you get?
When you see a chest without a butcher knife buried in it
Wait a minute, give me an axe, I wanna slash your ribcage in half
For every time you laugh on our behalf
Will ya let me get another chance to redefine the mind of a serial killa

Serial killa
Fruit loop biting my mind like Godzilla
Serial killas
Torture and destroy
Serial killas

(Afraid Of Me)
Now you can try to sedate me
Assassinators just hate me
But there's nothing you can do to me lately
Now I'm greatly accepted in the mind, so I'm confused and intertwined
From being rejected so many times, I wanna leave it all behind
So kind of you to pick up the album and give it a try for once
And run and tell your homies that these mothafuckas would die for us

*Crows cawing*

So many questions
Fingers pointing for answers
Suggesting that I'm the cancer that lingers inside the pasture of green grass
Up to my neck in situations that's to fast to think about it
Most people can't dream about it

Speculation has it
That I'm the freakiest one, I like to rip out my tongue and spit the black majic
And I'm supposed to be fucking some crack addict without a rubber?
And I only got a baby by her mother? (Hell nah)
They say I'm sci-fi, a wizard of sorts
And my mamma?
She was a banshee who was drowned by the courts
Say my little brother Jamie, he's dead and in a grave
And that I'm all alone and afraid
And everything I gave has been so under estimated I've been hated by generations
For having conversations with people who didn't make it
How could I fake it?
I'm a monster
Remember me?
The weirdo with the axe from another galaxy

My dogs with the weed, rolled blunts in the air
Bumping this like we don't care
Fuck, fuck come and smoke with me
Dirty piss, violated again
I'm in the system and I just can't win
Fuck, fuck come and smoke with me
All real smokers break buds to this
And all you part time pot tokers take a listen
Man, you smoking lawn clippings, why you bullshitting?
Roll your whole ounce to my joints and burn it all in one sitting
I'm hardly buzzing, I think you got the shaft
Cause they told you it was icky sticky, but I guess it really wasn't
They just sold you a headache inside a bag
And from where I'm from we call it Bara Booty Shwag

(The World Is Hell)
And it's your fault so many young are dumb and turn to drugs and be like, fuck an education
Homeless, starving, swung out and dying
Eating out of garbage cans
Surviving the lost generation
Stuck somewhere between the real and the mind of imagination
Some call it Hell, living life everyday
Maybe this is Hell, evil's everywhere, and anyway...
If you're good you'll go to Heaven
And if not you'll be destined to stay alive till the year 2057

The world is Hell
I'm hearing what you're saying, but you're faking and only hoping
And staying as if it's changing
The world is Hell
A change comes from within
Speaking your mind, is that another sin from within?

I'm not a clone, I'm a Frankenstein
Created through the visions of a mastamind
This face, this soul, this rhyme is mine
But ya'll don't notice

Peep the new plan, it's kinda wide spread
I'm shedding skins like chameleons, just to keep up my disguises
Now I'm hearing that this is the only reason that the people play me
But they really hate me when my make-up's off
You sound soft, goo
And I'ma put it in the words of the B.I., then maybe you will realize
This ain't a game, and I ain't a clone, it ain't the fame, it's the microphone and all the family I've obtained
Over the years and representing for the same fears ya'll keep hating and disrespecting

How come this wasted time is such a loss expressed on my side?
I'd give you everything if you'd just let me stand beside you
You're kind is so amused and still confused by what you live with
Your darkness just won't go away
No light inside for you to shine on today
Nothing but darkness in me

Night time
No moon in the sky tonight
Feeling like our life's been tucked away, today
Life is darkness
Forever, I mean it again

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