You were a scar the day you made out
and proclaimed your point of view
You're not a fool, just did it your way
and didn't give a damn what others might say

It's so cheap what people concerns
some believe their measures are firm
In their eyes you're second class, mate
tarred with the same brush like people you hate

Look at me and not someone else
cos we've all individuals
The way I dress doesn't give you the right
to judge about my self nor the feelings inside

There's a lot who pretend to care
and some cunts exist everywhere
if you don't fit into their narrow mind
they make you feel a tosser everyday

I won't stand the way I'm classified
I ain't no stereotype
Views can change the more you get it all
but there's some people who don't realize

Oh - fuck 'em all
Telling me what is right
I ain't no fucking stereotype
stick the views you got right where's your fucking cock

Stigmatized unless submitting norms
Otherwise you're labelled as jerks
Yes, I know what they want me to do
keep to fucking rules of some know-it-all crew

It's all just the same what our scene concerns
some believe their measures are firm
Won't obey cos I'm using my pate
1 - 2 - fuck 'em all, those who dictate
1 - 2 - fuck 'em all, the people you hate

Oh - fuck 'em all
Telling me what is right
I ain't no fucking stereotype
Oh - fuck 'em all
They never care to discern
and I guess they'll never learn
Oh - fuck 'em all
All you wimps and bollocks scribes
We ain't no fucking stereotypes
I'll give no damn about that - up yours, so fucking what

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