We knew it all from a little thing
It was everything in our first minute
And it took us to another place
Yeah another place and we fell in it
How dare you not remember
How dare you walk away
We adored every little thing
Every little thing would leave us breathless
Every dawn spelled another day
And in another day we weren't so restless
How dare you not remember
How dare you walk away

And I wanted you so much
Just like I do right now
I wanted us to be the one
The poets write their books about
I wanted it to last
I wanted to grow old
But life got in the way

We walked around in a heavy haze
We were stuck in days of so much warring
We got lost in a tricky maze
Yeah a tricky maze that was so scarring
How come you can't remember
How dare you walk away
Then you start to add the little things
Add the little things and trip the mighty
Now we got a little bitter thing
A little bitter thing that grew like ivy
And how dare you not remember
How dare you walk away


And apathy grows quietly where rapture used to fly
And promises and certainty have left love here to die
Won't you stay and don't let this one fall away

[Chorus: x2]

Yeah well life got in the way

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Life Got in the Way Lyrics as written by Ken Block Andrew Copeland

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Life Got In The Way song meanings
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    General Commenti'm a loser & created an account just so i could comment on the fact that no one has commented on this song yet. it's incredible, and def. one of the best sister hazel songs...
    "it was everything in our first minute...
    We adored every little thing
    Every little thing would leave us breathless
    Every dawn split another day
    And in another day we weren't so restless"
    I think it's about a relationship that was rushed into... perfect for both of them, then eventually the initial amazingness (definitely a word) wore out for the girl... while the guy had long-term plans & felt deeper feelings...
    "how dare you not remember?
    how dare you walk away?"
    the song is relateable to in a 'more serious to me than it was to them' sort of way, and the lyrics are beautiful.
    i'm slowly becoming addicted to this site...
    and i've just joined :)
    samzzon October 16, 2004   Link
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    General Commenti agree with all the above. at the same time though, i think this song is about the fact you can't predict what will happen and sometimes relationships do go wrong- not neccessarily because theres a problem in the relationship but because other things happen. hence the life got in the way.

    i absolutely adore this song. it may just be my favorite sister hazel, although its hard to choose......
    blackenedlashon December 27, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthere is only two comments!? meh! this songs is like so amazingly awesome!
    i guess this song is about people who once were madly in love and went out and shared every waking moment together and were oblivious to life. to reality. and now, they aren't together and the guy is gettin angry that she doesn't remember, she is blocking out all the things they shared. he still wants her, but maybe she still doesn't want him and he is hurt. but maybe things changed in their life, she moved away or something-so life go in the way. they could have been so perfect but like in every situation, things change and nothing is perfect.
    ahh i love 'em!
    lulu08on February 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis songs about someone that had a girl he liked. Note the word HAD. Now theyre both off doing there own thing (life got in the way). Not like they broke up. But something in life chose for them. Now he wants to see her agian. Yet this song is very upbeat. Which shows hes optimistic about seeing her agian.
    ajslikes2argueon November 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is just so awesome.

    Those are the kind of words that you want to throw to your ex after a break-up.
    so hard!
    bear_hug20on November 26, 2008   Link

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