It started with a vision, a sort of a dream, a scheme
A thought, a plan of the Gods, you'll see what I mean
While sitting in a room writing nothing exciting
Thinking, building from scratch, the tension tightens
Calm but energetic, the motion is poetic
The undercurrent dangerous, I'll be athletic
On stage the rage released, the beast searching for peace at least
I'll never cease till the day I'm at ease
Hallucinating, I'm seeing things, my face in magazines
My name on the tongues of rap fiends
For now and forever and ever, never doubt the stamina
Bring a Dictaphone and a camera
Catch me in the mood and I explode, taking your soul
To hell and back now that I'm out of control
Ain't nobody stopping me in this game of monopoly
Nobody controlling me, crowds follow me

The unmistakable voice of the Pied Rhymer of London
Hypnotises the listener, the spell that you're under when
You follow has you thinking like a leader should think
After all of the confusion coming back from the brink
Of insanity, clarity over-shadowing the mist
With hits, I exist in the world of showbiz
Mark B with the medicine, rhythms magnificent
Lyrics considered militant, Source is delivering
To your doorsteps, we ain't your typical celebs
I bet you don't even know the name of the album yet
The Unknown back from the grave, bad to the bone
Turning player haters into pillars of stone
Many have tried to clone, but couldn't copy the tone and
Couldn't hold their own and will never be known, blown
Into oblivion, treated like comedians
Never taken serious, finish 'em

The bigger the breaks the higher the stakes
No room for mistakes, the longer the wait the fresher the taste
So it's all timed to perfection, broken down into sections
Hip Hop is the connection, forward is the direction
Walk through the door, let the rhymes pour
Set the mic on fire, take you on a tour
Journey into places that you never been before and more
Visualise and let your mind explore
Sights you never seen taken from a dream, extreme
But real. Witness the birth of fiend
When the performance is done I'm sort of like steam
Vanish into the air, never again seen
Is your mind playing tricks?
Maybe you need a fix
To get you out of the mix while we knock 'em for six
Ain't nothing here for the sly or the sick
The trick to get the formula right and make it stick

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