Let's go
I'm getting overloaded with that junk
You can tell I'm not a punk as I go for the slam-dunk
Go for a ride and I might go psycho
Get it together and it might go
And I don't care for Christmas
Step under the mistletoe, watch who the hell you kiss
Lets not even waste a second about the 25th
Hell is on earth, a few are born with the gift
Of the gab, make a grab, jump in a cab
With the intentions never to pay the tab
Survival of the hardest working
See them at Birmingham going berserking
Rooting for the boys from Fresh and for Steve Wren
Max and Dave, Dj Pogo and I'm here again.
Who? I know you all know the coo
Clear the way, make space 'cause we're coming through
How long will it take to get it through my mind is made up
Motherfuckas ain't paid up
Not even a penny, many they jump on the bandwagon
They'll kill to learn braggin'.
But they can't handle this one, hang around or miss one
Check out how it's done, see how they run
Now hard is for the two they call 60
Don't play me no tricks T, put it in the mix B
Survival of the hardest working.

Ay yo!
Stupid little games are for the kiddie boys
Making the kiddie noise with their kiddie toys
You can tell so very well some brothers do it well
Some brothers raise hell
Go for the B the L
See they bug a few of us with their attitude
Showing no gratitude, so they be making us get rude
Now get a triple helping of another set
Making it for the real so you can go ahead and bet your life
Guys like us we ain't known for fucking around
Go tell your daddy boy to get me my twenty pounds
Or be a baddy boy playing the baddy games
Until I get what you owe I won't forget your
Dicky dicky dick-head names and faces
Plus you got to know the real reason why he says this
While a chase the 35 down the street
With a bag on my shoulder like I told ya
Rappy-headed rappers wanna sound happy
But I ain't never gonna be ready to take that crappy
Shit that you're feeding them other guys
Telling 'em biddy biddy lies, with your beady beady eyes
Wait a second you dummy boy
Could you handle the truth or would you run to your mummy boy
Just to get a little biddy mummy hug
Or maybe you'd be better of taking a dummy drug
Survival of the hardest working

Now I know about the tricks of the tricky trade
I got a simple plan to be as sharp as a razor blade
With a jagged edge with a jagged edge
Now they're on the run and we all know they all want some
Women open legs and get a deal quick
So very real quick, but I guess they're real sick
Dipping to the lowest of the low
And slipping with the slowest of the slow, you know!
So many minds are getting caged
And so many rappers are getting out-staged
Beaten to the ground, getting stepped on and crushed
And all the record stores are getting rushed
Now what you get from us is not a fairy tale
See I could bury your tail and if I had to I'd jump bail
And run run run like a mad boy
Keeping well away from the bad boy
And still I'll be causing all the havoc known to man
By doing the best I can
The wacker jack, cracker jack calling me the newer jack
It's better than being an idiot jack
Survival of the hardest working

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