You're a snake, a viper
Devious and hyper
Talk and spit saliva
Sell out your mum for a fiver
Out of control like a truck without a driver
Cheap skate copycat imitation rhymer
Part timer nothing but decoration like eyeliner
Prime timer
Everything you ever did was minor
I'm a deep-sea diver, a shark, a survivor
You're as vain as vain gets, you're a man with a vagina
Hair style's designer, your attitude kind a
Forced to make you hard but you're easy to decipher
And you're soft like a pussycat, sly like Delilah
The hook to capture the bait, the Samson blinder
Your own crew divider, information provider
To the enemy and plus a bandwagon rider
A biter, no good time waster, an outsider
Just like the rat you are follow the Pied Piper

You rhyme like you're constipated, inundated With things you couldn't handle
The hell that you created
You innovated knish and expect to be respected
You came from nowhere with your future to be debated
The hard line approach, its time that you faced it
Your rhyme style's basic and ain't nobody praised it
Step into a realm of emcees you'll be cremated
Left in a container like ash, you're ill fated
You shout too much and your voice should've been gated
It's just another glitch on the tape that's to be faded
Seconds are ticking away and there's no way to escape it
Your time is now invaded; prepare to be terminated
Bitten, annihilated, chewed, regurgitated
The flesh is swallowed down, the bones eliminated
Your lyrics are watered down to the point they're saturated
And soaked to leave a puddle your label should've delayed it

Your eyes on the prize, the devil in disguise
You're a rip off
Stealing the plans off of the wise
You knucklehead, 666 is in your eyes
Your finger in all the pies, your world built with lies
To summarize, my mic is the mic of Samurai's
The legendary weapon for cutting fakes to size
To paralyse and never again recognised
The parasites are stuck in an oven and pressurised
And furthermore treated as cats with nine lives
And repeated by eight, the brain dememorised
Erased and left blank, you can never devise
Another plot to rise, to metamorphosize
Change shape and form to feed your appetites
The nights lit with lights, emcees loaded with mics
Protect whatever's theirs and for those that sympathise
We aim to reach heights and further beyond the skies

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