What do you think this is?
Some sort of a metamorphosis?
I made a record that entered the charts and you think that I'm as soft as shit
Let me explain something! I don't have to explain nothing!
I'd do it all again if I had to to get the radio pumping
Every twelve I ever made, for the first time that I get paid
And you're on my case like the jerk you are claiming that I played safe
What about the ninety-six tracks I did before that
Supported Feeder on tour and you think that I changed my format
I refuse to be your doormat, to be stepped on, to be left back!
You're damn right it's a fact and I refuse to be held back!
I wouldn't change a damn thing! Get it straight I'm a rap fiend
I was there before you were born when there wasn't even a rap scene
You wished me luck and said that I should break a leg
And finally I get the break and it's all changed to I hope you break your neck
At least I know where I stand; no matter what I do I'm damned
It's hard to please every man; I thought you'd understand

You critics are like pestilence, your opinions are invalid
You wouldn't have a clue what to do with the talent if you had it!
When was the last time you stood on a stage and tried to do what we do?
You can diss till the world ends, you couldn't live what I been through

You know nothing about me except what you read in the papers
You're quick to diss and in the same breath quick to catch the vapours
What's the matter with you?
You seem to have a chip on your shoulder
Any signs of progress and you're jealous and you're colder
My mic is a revolver aimed at your nonsense
Every word is on target and it's all starting to make sense
I see the light! The more people out of rap that feel the vibe
The more it seems to burn you! The more you wanna criticize
Hide behind your keyboard, it's the only place you'll be lord
You're looking for reasons to diss, get a life you seem bored
Enough of being polite, fuck you!
That's right I said it
Sealed with a diss and I pray to God that you get it
You been into this since about '99 and you know it all
I'm pissed off with your foolishness
You wish that I'd take a fall
Things are looking good and I can see why you envy me
You're shallow and you're mindless and you're weak and you're empty

You know nothing about rap, no clue where my mind's at
You can keep your feedback, it's crap
I don't need that
Water off a duck's back, words without the impact
You ain't making no contact and it's hard for you to be that
I see what's coming next, he's the same old same old
Pissed off with the world in '93 that became old
I'd like to see you write a thousand songs and make 'em different
Live a life of hell and try to write something uplifting
I walk with a painted smile on my face so I could progress
I'd cut off my left arm if I was convinced it would end the stress
I live rap, talk rap, eat rap, shit rap
Sleep rap, breath rap, think rap, I need rap
I don't need you to appreciate what I do to make me feel better
Just to put your mouth on pause, this ain't some crazy vendetta
Take it how you want to take but I swore that I'd make it
And I swear I'll keep at it whether you like it or you hate it

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