The damage is guaranteed to be maximum
The impact of the LP you recorded will be minimum
See those happy rappers played on the box regular
Forget 'em!
They ain't rough enough, they lack venom
I calculate, make my move
Annihilate, terminate those that you over rate
Serve them on a wax plate
And in case you got plans to aggravate
It feels great watching weaker rappers evaporate
Turn to steam, my self-esteem makes me great
World destruction rescued by our production!
Evolution through rap revolution
Air pollution, people in confusion
What's the solution?
Worldwide distribution
Mass hysteria, 2 superior warriors standing
Like giants, crushing the inferior
Recognized rebels waiting for the crowds to settle
I'm a mountain, you're a stone, a pebble
Miniature figure with a future as a gold digger
Digging your hole bigger
I grab the mic with vigor
You're predictable, I'm the bringer of lyrical miracles
On stage I never hold my testicles
Pulling the ace from the lower part of my sleeve
This was predicted in the days of Adam and Eve
For some it's real; for others it's hard to believe
Now that we're here it's plain to see the situation's sticky
Vocals are gritty
If I go I'll take you with me!
Analyze this, but still you couldn't fathom
Releasing the two on "Source" with the force of an atom
Devil's disciples burning in my empire
"Hit men For Hire" was a taster, feel the fire!
Animal instinct to help to keep me on my toes
Minds are exploded, ammunition loaded
Truly devoted to emceeing, this poet
With his mannerism blowing fools and suckers
Into oblivion, he ain't American, he's Armenian
Reigning terror!
Your whole existence an emcee
Was an error
Your records gather bacteria
Keep your distance!
We're known for displaying persistence
No nursery rhymes, no catchy hooks for instance
"Mirror, mirror!
Who's gonna survive the horror?"
"You will"
Thank you!
See you in 2094

When I return I'll be mechanical, half man, half animal
My chromosomes spread over my body structure
Internally, from now till eternity
We're emerging from the depths into the limelight
Casting a shadow on your persona, a full eclipse
The mic I carry inside of a case of a violin
I escaped from an emcee asylum
The simple aura of my presence breaks the silence
Sirens going off in an area filled with tyrants
In a 24,000 mile radius
Educated and raised by aliens, mad Iranians
My inspiration is my son, no question!
I hold the mic with a true grip

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Invasion Of The Rap Snatchers (Part 2) song meanings
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