Begin the demolition, gaining the recognition
Whatever the conditions, lyrical exhibitions
Determining the status
Defeating perpetrators
The animated characters, red-eyed people that hate us
The barriers are broken, history is re-written
The scales are tipping in the favour of the two that's hitting
No more confusion ever, no more mistakes or errors
We'll be around forever, calculated, calm and clever
Systematically, I dramatically
Leave you baffled and dazed and that's a formality
I know that you can hear me, let me explain it clearly
While you were pissing about we were working hard daily
Building a reputation, gathering information
Gaining elevation, burying complications
Focusing concentration, using imagination
Filled with determination, revealing revelations
You know the story my man, bigger the better the plan
The mic is glued to the hand, name is all over the land
(Have you any added comment?)
What can I tell 'em
A rhymer ain't a rhymer if he ain't rhyming with venom

Combination of minds
The chemistry right
Cuts, beats and rhymes

(Here he comes again)
Whatever your position, whatever the mission
Whatever your reasons for switching
It's over, dammit
Now I know you're synthetic
Give a brother some credit, why I'm poetic, it's genetic
It's inherited, never losing the grip
Never failing to hit, always a benefit
You ain't parallel, the whole world can tell
Name brands sell, but never excel
We take it to a level
Nothing mediocre
Packing the ace, packing the king and the joker
Hold your tongue bro
Seems you lack flow
Sold yourself short for dough, what do you know?
They had you on a shelf paralysed for years
Gathering dust, and now it's burning your ears
You been promised the best and nothing less
The talents you possess
Constantly put to the test
It's all part and package of this thing 'success'
And all in due time the rest will manifest
Now they're clocking you mannerism, slaves to your rhythm
Attracted to your magnetism, we're self-driven

Combination of minds
The chemistry right
Cuts, beats and rhymes

Once upon a time they found this hard to swallow
But now they're quick to follow
Sort of like sheep with hollow
Skulls with no brain cells
I know your game well
It ain't hard to tell, you got nothing to sell
This is a must
Running in the veins
Like blood through the blood vessels
What remains
Is a rise in the pressure level, birth of a rap rebel
Flowing incredible, while other crews back pedal
With no stamina
Falling at a quick rate
Time to emigrate, you should've stayed
Down in the underground, you're a clown
Well renowned for your run of the mill sound
Far from legendary, emcee never ready
Hold your mic steady, boy
You're ordinary
Whenever necessary
Quick to bite the cherry
Your fame is momentary, another adversary
Left for dead, we bury at the rap cemetery
It's real necessary
Call the military
We're very mercenary, extra-ordinary
Your time temporary while ours is everlasting
Combination of minds
The chemistry right
Cuts, beats and rhymes

Combination of minds
The chemistry right
Cuts, beats and rhymes

This is dedicated to all the beat makers, the graf writers, the beat boys
The radio Dj's plugging our material and to all the record stores stocking our material
Also, to all the turntablists, especially those who cut off our a cappellas
Also, not forgetting emcees already where they wanna be and those aspiring to get there
One XL, Mr Lex, 360 Physicals, Phi-Life Chyper, A-side and my man Tommy T and ? in Norway
Also, not forgetting to mention all those that check for us; Cashan, Andrea, Simon Fuller, Mr Angus Bentley, the Stereo MC's, Julian, LJ, everybody I know in Belgium, Marcus down in Cardiff, Toby, 2000 AD, everybody at Source Records and Westbury Music
And most important of all, my son and his mom
'Til next time
The return, the return

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