I take my brain out of my skull each night and clean it nice and neatly
Hold it gently, be careful not to drop it
Relax it!
Give it a break from the daily nonsense
Close my eyes and think positive thoughts
When I wake up I place it back inside of the skull
Ready to begin the next day rejuvenated
Re-energised, watch my muscles expand
As I run to catch a bus because I'm late for work again
"Excuse me! I didn't mean to shoulder you
But you're fat taking up the whole pavement
Never mind! I got places to get to
And people to meet that could help me get back on my feet"
The bus finally came about an hour late
The driver looked at my pass but couldn't see the date
He said, "Pay the fare or get off so I could drive on"
That's when I knew the whole day was going to go wrong
I made it to work in one piece
The manager called me in and began waving his fist
And babbling, I didn't hear a word
'Cause my mind was on finishing this album on schedule
I'm smiling 'cause of the gap between his teeth
He's losing his temper 'cause I'm smiling
While he's nagging me, so now I'm unemployed again
I tell my girlfriend, she tells me she's leaving me

You ever get the feeling that nothing is going right?
(How long will this last?)
From the second you're awake until you sleep at night!
(How long will this last?)
Your socks and your underwear, your trainers are tight!
(How long will this last?)
Your girlfriend is heavy but you thought that she was light!
(How long will this last?)

I go for a walk to clear my head
There's a dog in the middle of the road dead
So I pick it up to take it off of the road
Only to turn and get hit by a bicycle
At high speed, I'm thrust into the middle
Where I'm hit by a car and hospitalised
I broke both of my arms and the right leg
So now I'm in wheelchair with a bandage around my head
The doctor said it was only temporary I'd be walking in eight weeks just like I did before
I got a weird bounce, will I be able to keep it?
Of course you will
Trust me!
I'm a doctor!
But anyway miraculously I still
Have this urge to complete this album
So I call a cab to take me back to my place
It arrives and instantly he has a breakdown
So I call another and get to my place at nine
Only to see the door's been kicked off it's hinges
I pay the driver then run inside like a lunatic I don't believe my luck; even the floorboards are gone
My equipment, my entire record collection
My fridge and all the chairs and even the sink
They ain't professional, they left a pen
In other words they've given me reason to strike again
I've had it now that my brain is overloaded
With the same nonsense, it's about to explode
So it's time to take my brain out of the skull
And relax it once again while I prepare for tomorrow

You ever get the feeling that nothing is going right?
(How long will this last?)
From the second you're awake until you sleep at night!
(How long will this last?)
Your socks and your underwear, your trainers are tight!
(How long will this last?)
Your girlfriend is heavy but you thought that she was light!
(How long will this last?)

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