Dare ka boku ni umai okashi wo
Dokude honmon moo uso de motomoto sa
Narubekunara amai mono ga ii
Yunomikanjoo mushiba mo ito wa nai

"Tate ute" "Kirisaite mo uyamai sare"
"Yumuna" "Nikumuna"
"Hake" "Dase" "Hikizutte mo aruki yuke"
"Furimukube karazu"

Choodo ii CUP ga doko ni itte mo mitsukaranai n da
Dooshite konna ni BIRU mo dooro mo fuete iru no ni
Nonde mo nomikireme BOTTLE de fujoori wo gyooshise yo

Kisetsu wa megutte isogi ashi
Hana wa saita hachi wo yobi yoseta
Ikudo mo kurikaeshi wo suru
Minoru yoo de kareru no ga tsune to

"Mate" "Fuse" "Fukakai de mo agame yuke"
"Yumuna" "Nikumuna"
"Miro" "Kage" "Fuyukai de mo ajiwai shire"
"Kakugo wo kimero"


Chooju no shooso ga itsu ni natte mo minotaranai n da
Dooshite hirii ga uruwashii no wa jujitsu na no ni
Naite make wo mitomuru kemono no joori wo fuushise yo

A, toori ame urei bosatsu kumo yukite mata harete
Hachisareshi boku no kgoo kitaisareba kitsuite shimau
Mohan darake mohan darake tsutzuite yuku kono itonami

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Shuukyoo song meanings
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    General CommentI know Ringo dislikes translations, but still... anyone gimme some idea to this?
    Israffelon December 16, 2009   Link
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    TranslationThe translation to this song:


    Someone please give me a tasty sweet.
    What I really desire is poison. You know I’m only kidding.
    If possible I’d prefer the sweets,
    because I think about drinking tea. I don’t mind the cavities.

    “stand” “shoot” “even torn to pieces worship to the end” “don’t let the sickness in” “don’t hate”
    “throw it up” “spit it out “ “even if you’re dragging walk on” “don’t look back”


    No matter where I go I can’t find just the right cup.
    How is that possible when day by day there are more roads and buildings?
    Take a gander at the absurdity of a bottle you just can’t seem to get to the bottom of.

    The seasons seem to go by so quickly
    the flowers bloom and call the bees to them.
    and it goes on like this repeatedly
    always bearing fruit and wilting soon afterwards

    “stay” “lay down” “Even if you don’t understand, worship until the end” “don’t let the sickness in” “don’t hate”
    “take a look” “take a whiff” “even if it’s unpleasant, have a taste” “prepare yourself”


    No matter how long we search, we’re no closer to winning the suit for longevity.
    Why, when we all know that dignity is beautiful,
    do we satirize the reasoning of an animal who admits their loss in tears.

    Ah, a passing shower, the dismayed Bodhisattva. The clouds go and it’s sunny again
    My mark is placed, when you expect, you notice
    that everything is a model, everything is an imitation, and on it goes, this daily work.
    Katowlon November 07, 2010   Link

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