Buy in it'll shut you up
Try it, it should shut you up
We've brought you someone in to shut you up
It's a life's work

While we were hunting rabbits
I came upon a clear
The sky its stars like fortune drilled me
Until now I was a soldier
Until now I dealt in fear
These years of cloak and dagger
Have left us disappeared

And I dance, and I sing
And I'm a monkey in a long line

Buy in it should shut you up
Try it, it should shut you up
They've brought someone in to shut you up
And it's getting to be light work

While we were hunting rabbits
I came upon a clear
And the sky the stars like fortune filled me
Until now I was a soldier
Until now I dealt in fear
These years of cloak and dagger
Have left us disappeared

And I dance and I sing
And I'm a monkey in a long line of kings
And we dance and we sing
And we're all monkeys in a long line

I'm just a boat on the ocean
And I'm just a ship lost at sea

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While We Were Hunting Rabbits Lyrics as written by Matthew Good

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While We Were Hunting Rabbits song meanings
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    General CommentAs was stated above, this song was written about Matthew Good's run with MGB. My interpretation of the first and second verse is that, to that point, he was in that position where people just wanted him to sell out. Just shut up and do what people tell you to do, take direction and keep some cheesy ass-kissing smile on your face while you do it. And it was becoming a "life's work." A chore.

    I think the phrase "while we were hunting rabbits," is meant to mean while MGB was in progression. Still together, still making music, still driving toward a goal that they'd begun to lose sight of. And by "came across a clear," it was like Matt's realization that the band had strewn from it's initial inspiration and meaning, and it wasn't what he'd intended it to be anymore. By being a soldier, he was toughing it out, continuing to make his music, but not actually enjoying it anymore.

    "I dance, and I sign, and I am a monkey in a long line of kings." This, to me, is about the conformity he was being forced into in the music industry.

    "I'm just a boat on the ocean, and I'm just a ship lost at sea." This, as others have also stated, is my favourite part of the song. Because to me, this is where Matt is defining himself. It's where he is waking up and coming to these realizations, and having the strength to venture out on his own and reconnect with his original intentions with music. The ocean is a vast expanse of apparent nothingness, and he's basically throwing himself out there, and hoping that he ends up finding his way.
    ExplodingMooseon June 17, 2009   Link
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    General Commentquite possibly my favorite song on avalanche. i love when the choir comes in with "and we dance and we sing/ and we're all monkeys in a long line." and, of course, the building up of "i'm just a boat on the ocean/ i'm just a ship lost at sea"... too perfect. that feeling of isolation and bewilderment of being a tiny speck in a vast area of nothingness... amazing song, lyrically and musically.
    tripolion April 15, 2004   Link
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    General CommentFrom Globe and Mail article: '"When Audio of Being came out, I was at the end of my rope with it all. I felt like I was playing a role that everyone else wanted me to play but me. I just couldn't do it any more. I was stuck in a rut. It had to change." He writes about those feelings in Hunting Rabbits, a song on the new album.'
    lauren_atmoreon May 30, 2004   Link
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    General Comment"I'm a boat on the ocean/I'm just a ship lost at sea" is quite possibly the emotional peek of Matt's voice. This song is absolutely amazing, and without a doubt comes out in the top 3 songs on the CD. Avalanche as a whole is simply brilliant, and I would go as far to call it Matt's life work, and one of the greatest milestones in Canadian music.

    Lauren stated above the main inspiration behind the song. Nearing the end of the Matthew Good Band era, Matt could nolonger be what the band demanded of him, he didn't want to be an actor or worse a marionette, per se, who's strings are pulled by contractors and the image hungry public. The bands separation led to his independant career where it seems he could be himself. This song pertains to this change in life, and how the change effected and broadened his view of the world. His transition from Matthew Good of the Matthew Good Band.. To just Matthew Good.
    Kolon October 03, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis, weapon, and near fantastica. best three songs of his easily in my opinion. gosh, this is so beautiful. i don't really get what it's about, altho i think it was inspired by a dream he had. he had an article on his website about a dream he had and it sounded fairly similar to the whole thing about coming across 'a clear' but i don't really know for sure.
    b.and.o.railroadon July 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentYou ever been to a dog show... where the dog is chasing that mechanical rabbit down the track... yet never seems to catch it? ... Yep. I think this song has do with humans chasing that rabbit... whether it being happiness, wealth, women or whatever.... I think its about chasing that dream only to never catch with it at the end saying..."Im just a boat on the ocean, Im just a ship lost at sea..."
    jimpattison411on July 18, 2008   Link
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    General Commentfavourite song ever
    avalanche12on November 09, 2009   Link
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    General CommentYeah, this is a somehow-even-more-epic version of Peter Gabriel's Solsbury Hill.

    "Watched by empty silhouettes
    That close their eyes but never see
    No-one taught them etiquette
    I will show another me..."
    Blue_Manon June 15, 2012   Link

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