There is trouble in my mind
There is dark
There is dark and there is light
Lay your hands above my eyes
As I look deep
The valleys deep and wide
Across the borderline
For the empire in my mind

You are the reason I don't sleep
You are the light
That's breaking through the East
And you know how hard I tried
To believe
I have something good inside
All the barricades I've climbed
For the empire in my mind

I have known love somewhere in time
I've been lifted up
I look honor in the eyes
I have no reason I have no rhyme
I cannot deny
There's a darkness that's inside
I am guilty by design
And now I realise
That temptations made me blind
To the empire in my mind

There is no order
And there is chaos
And there is crime
There is no one to hold on tonite
In the empire of my mind

There is no distance that I don't see
I do have a world
No limit to my reach
I wish I would
I wish I might
To see a line tonight
Separating wrong from right
As I'm only born to try
And maybe that's the reason why
I'm afraid someday I 'll find
There is no empire in my mind

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Empire In My Mind Lyrics as written by Bob Dylan

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    General CommentI cant believe no-one has commented on this yet! This song is SO amazing. I love how metaphoric it is. I have many thoughts on what this song means but nothing coherent at the moment.
    burntfireon February 06, 2005   Link
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    General CommentHe's looking deep inside himself to try to decide if what he's doing or is about to do is right or wrong. I think he's leaning toward doing something he knows he shouldn't, and he feels weak because of it.

    As a side note, "You are the light / That's breaking through the leaves" is one of my favorite Jakob Dylan lines.
    A lot of his songs seem more like connections of images than anything else.
    jebsoon February 26, 2006   Link
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    My Interpretationi think theres a bit more to it than wrong and right. the empire is spectacular, and i think its a metaphor for greater meaning. he knows the things he wants to do are wrong but hes looking for a reason no to do them. but the problem is if he cant see a greater purpose or a reason to do the right thing then he cant justify that there is wrong and right, hence "see a line..seperating wrong from right".

    the references to another person might actually be god, the giver of a devine purpose. "im guilty by desgn" is my favourite line, as i think its a reference to the poem 'Design' by robert frost,which is about the intentions and existance of god.
    lyricaljoyon September 12, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song was written specifically for the TV show "The Guardian," and was used as the theme song in its last two seasons.

    It's about the show's main character, a probationer (a lawyer sentenced to 1500 hours working as a child advocate for drug possession, giving the show its title) who often finds himself in situations where there is no clear right or wrong and having to pick a side, and also finds himself doing the wrong thing when there is a clear right and wrong and not knowing why he does these things.

    Great show, great theme song, one of the most complex characters to ever grace the TV screen. The show is available on Netflix in the US right now. It's highly recommended.
    wombatkiddon April 27, 2012   Link

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