"Social Suicide" as written by and James Horner....
Right now
Well it's finally time to face my fears
Gonna get the hell out of here
And create a fresher atmosphere
But the consequences clear

There's a furnace set on high
And the yearning undefyed
But it's time to turn the tide
It's social suicide

Like you
Perseverance is a useless tool
Just a patron on a ship of fools
Painting interest in the cast and crew
Why you've broken every single rule

There's a furnace set on high
And the yearning undefyed
But it's time to turn the tide
It's social suicide

Shadows entertain me
I don't want it masses
Shadows explain their known reactions
I don't even know if I can ever find truth
But I'm sure it won't come from far away

There's a furnace set on high
And the yearning undefied
But it's time to turn the tide
It's social suicide

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"Social Suicide" as written by Greg Graffin Brett W. Gurewitz

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    General CommentCorrection: "There's a furnace set on high"

    I think this song about the everyday struggles human beings tend to face to it comes to attaining some sense of truth or certainty in their lives. Now truth is a loaded word, so it could interpreted in numerous ways. There are many truths to be found, it just depends on the framework you're working in. What I think he's trying to say is even though you might be in the "right" framework you should rely on your own intelligence to make sense of your reality through your own experiences. Then again, I could be completely misinterpreting it. The lyrics are vague though, so one can interpret it in any one chooses to.
    wrinkledPholeon April 29, 2004   Link
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    General CommentIt's about Bush and the lies that his administration has put forth.
    Dominickon May 16, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI agree with Dominick on some level, but i beleive that this song is about the society's need to know the truth, but instead what we hear are lies from the government, and when people try to put fourth truth, they are only hated by a society who doesnt understand... plus this is a great song off of Empire Strikes First... i like it...
    offsprng588on June 20, 2004   Link
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    General CommentSociety is stagnating. It's a cycle of 'unwashed masses' being interpreted by scholars. There's a burner set to purify society, by weeding out anyone who thinks for themselves. Only way out is to turn the tide, which would kill the structure of society we have now. Hence, social suicide.
    Latchkey Kidon October 10, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI agree with latchkey kid on this on this one it's not about Bush or the government.It's about us, the people.Our stagnant cesspool we call society.
    Dogsweaton October 30, 2004   Link
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    General Commentyea... i agree too. It's kind of a rally call to get rid of the old ideals of society.
    LV--Sloth--on December 09, 2004   Link
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    General CommentWhen we voice our opinions or differ from the social norm we are osctracized for our uniqueness. Especially in the melting pot of American society. Take a page from true "freedom" and encourage a cultural mosaic, much like Canada has for years. Yes, it was not always that way, but growth and development is what we as a global community need (a.k.a exactly what this song tries to state).
    CocoSaintClairon January 03, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis song is about how, by getting rid of the things you dislike that people do (creating a fresher atmosphere) you keep yourself away from a part of your social life (social suicide)

    if you aren\'t a party person, and you dislike them, you get the hell out, and be less social, and give yourself a fresher atmosphere and do what pleases you.

    lunaroneon April 22, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think this has two meanings. The first one that I got was about conformity (which in a way is connected to the second).
    "Right now
    well it’s finally time to face my fears
    gonna get the hell out of here
    and create a fresher atmosphere
    but the consequence is clear " Sounds like facing the fears of being anti conformist, and getting out of the conformist mindset, and creating a different train of thought.
    "like you, perseverance is a useless tool,
    just a patron on a ship of fools,
    feigning interest in the cast and crew
    while you’ve broken every single rule" can be seen as both, because Bush doesn't care about us, however, in a conformity the leader(s) really don't care about the people who follow them around.

    The other meaning I got, was what Dominick said...both seem to fit perfectly, any way bravo BR, bravo. BTW, the furnace line, sounds like it could be about how people who stand up against Bush are in Bill Maher's terms "wacked", and then the next day they are on TV saying, i never said that, blah blah blah. it could also be your peers burning you for going in Greg's words, "against the grain".
    gofuckyourselfon May 21, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis is a huge anti conformity song. The album as a whole has this same theme running through it. They wanna live in society where no one really questions what they see in the media. They take everything that they report because they think its "truth". There has to be a place where everyone isnt trying to be like the kids in OC or Friends, thus a fresher atmosphere. The people that we idolize on TV are nothing more then shadows because they just look like real people, Shadows look and act like people do but they arent really people. The actors on TV pretend to be real people when they really arent.
    If we blindly follow what we see in the media then we will never find what "truth" is.
    "I don’t even know if I can never find truth
    but I’m sure it won’t come from following you"

    That line pretty much sums up the song pretty well. He isnt even sure if truth can be truely found, but if it can we arent gonna find it by trying to be what we see on tv.

    We cant conform to what the media says what we should be, when we dont do what they say we get expelled from society. Thus committing social suicide.

    (all this stuff made sense in my head, but iam too lazy to clarify anything that needs clarifying lol.)
    captaincoolguyon October 07, 2005   Link

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