Spinning, further deeper
I know you're out to try me
I'm not in this to be a slave
Push the dirt, make me feel
Locate what swallows life Night bird you build my world

The night close my eyes (and then I close my eyes)

Judge me now
Used to be afraid to let it show, bow down
A king in my own mind
Everything's in place
So much brighter from today

Drown the monster
Make all bad dreams go away
Whatever takes to keep running free
Open scars
The quiet place
The bridges fall to the ground
And you say you sacrificed

The night close my eyes (and then I close my eyes)

Judge me now
Used to be afraid to let it show, bow down!
A king in my own mind
Everything's in place
So much brighter from today

Judge me now
The king in my own mind
Judge me now
The king in my own mind

Judge me now
Used to be afraid to let it show, bow down
A king in my own mind
Everything's in place
So much better from today
A king in my own mind..

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The Quiet Place Lyrics as written by Bjoern Ingvar Gelotte Anders Par Friden

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    General CommentWell, we gotta really realized that if In Flames just released another "Whoracle" or another "Lunar Strain" that the fans themselves will be bored with the band. Change and experimenation is good for it shows a sort of musical growth and change in creative patterns. Do I like the new style, not really. Will I burn all of my band shirts, destroy thier cds, or be launched into a flame way rivaled by any premature teenager that I have ever known... no. Metallica changed, and look what happened there. They lost one fan base in exchange for a new one. The lyrical content is still there. A singer with a psychological troubled mind with angst towards outer world conformity still frontline this band. Now, if In Flames with start producing teenage drama bullshit the likes of the other whinny teenage bands, then I might reconsider the boycott comment, but before that , In Flames is still one of the best gothenburg sound outthere.

    Now, the song:

    We all had those times where everybody was out to get us, whether that be a jerk bothering you, or your parents belittling you again for some things that you did or do.

    You get piled on with all this shit, this ridicule, being made fun of, and being told what to and not to do

    "...and then I close my eyes"

    Then next thing you know, you are at this state of nirvana, being a "king in my own mind". He tells us that whenever some shit comes to him, or to us, that we just got to go back to that "quiet place". I guess this song is all about how he, or most people escape thier problems by just shutting the world out.

    Yet, he also infers that this is usually not the best option. Like the part where he sings about the part were "All the bridges fall to the ground". I guess he is trying to say that you can matters worse if you try to act king in your own little palace while trying to ask the world to leave you alone. I guess that's why the other band members where acting as mentally disturbed patience in the music video.
    RumaruDrathason May 30, 2004   Link
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    General CommentCould you guys shut up please...
    I'm not saying your opinions are worthless, no, far from that.
    But this is songmeanings.net not songopinions.net.
    frankysuperstaron February 27, 2010   Link
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    General CommentSince the website is called songmeanings.net, and not BandDebate.net, I'm going to go ahead and write what I think this song is about! After listening to this song a few dozen times, lyrics in-hand, I've decided that "The Quiet Place" is a state of mind that the songwriter, or the person he's writing abt., enters when he's doing drugs. "It's spinning further, deeper". is the sensation he has when he's starting get his high, "I know you're out to try me, I'm not in this to be a slave." could be his conscience rebelling against the addiction of the drugs, and his wanting to become free of the addiction. "Push the dirt, make me feel", I think is his way of saying how, since he's prettymuch numb when taking the drugs, he'd like to die, even if it's only to feel something. "Locate what swallows life Night bird you build my world". is his expressing how the addiction has (or had) become his life, and the "Night bird" is a synonym for whatever he was taking to get high. "And then I close my eyes". I think is exactly that, when he was doing the drug, while high, he'd close his eyes, and lay down to revel in the high. Finally, I think the whole "Judge me now, to King in my mind" is about how, when he's locked away wherever getting high, closing his eyes & safe, he was/is so content that no matter how others judged him, when he's high, he was a king, in his own mind, and the "Bow down" line is his way of telling his family/friends, whoever, that looked down on his drug use that they were his inferiors while he was high. That's just my take on this song, anyhow..
    Juggernaughton March 08, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think on its own, STYE is actually a pretty good album (In search for I being my favorite song), but if you compare it to their older work it definitely stinks. But you can't really blame this band, they have worked too hard for too long, they deserve some exposure and unfortunately they had to make an album like STYE in order to get that exposure. You can't really blame anyone for the fact that most people are unable to appreciate good music.
    Vasaon April 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe ones that claim to be "true" fans dislike new stuff and claim it is "teenage whining" etc. But look who sounds like a teenage whining about their former favourite band taking another direction?

    I think some of you really need to alter your definition of true fan a bit. I'd call myself a true fan because I like, no, love ALL of their songs and ALL of their albums. I agree, The Jester Race and Colony were the best ever made, but that doesn't make STYE or CC any worse.
    Maxim1110on June 30, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationInsecurity breeds sensitivity.

    What other people say can hurt you, if there’s a piece of you that believes in it.

    Think of this: when someone tells you “you’re stupid.” Can it hurt you? What does it take for that statement to cut through? If it comes from your parents? Your spouse? Your children? A complete stranger? A drunkard?

    I’m sure it won’t hurt if it was uttered by a 3-year old, even if he’s raging mad and fully intending to be mean to you. Unless s/he actually caught you being shamefully stupid.

    I’m not saying that you can’t make mistakes or have faults. But to be ashamed, to hide your shortcomings — that desire comes from a place of insecurity. A deeper suspicion that you are not OK.

    So when someone blurts out something that you’re secretly fearing — then it hurts.

    Spinning further, deeper
    I know you’re out to try me
    I’m not in this to be a slave
    Push the dirt
    Make me feel
    Locate what swallows life
    Night bird
    You build my world

    And then I close my eyes

    Judge me now
    Used to be afraid to let it show
    Bow down
    I’m in a much better place now
    Everything’s in place
    So much brighter from today
    A king in my own mind

    If it’s hard not to get shaken when other voices are around, it’s OK to retreat for a while. To go find a solitary place. Do something that quiets the screaming voices in your head.

    Because if you can find that peaceful plateau inside, and spend time being connected to it — then distracting elements of the outside begins to matter less.

    You may think it’s self-indulgent, but I’ve come to accept that. There’s a place where we all have to start. You are the owner, architect and master of your own world. If you can believe that, if you can deeply settle down as the monarch of your kingdom —

    Then what the outside world says will not matter. You will live in peace.
    EternalTearsOfSorrowon November 06, 2020   Link
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    General CommentMost beautiful song ever, it's awesome if you're really pissed off.

    As for meaning, shit, I'd say it's about how you're better than the other pieces of shit out there.
    HughLloydon April 22, 2004   Link
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    General CommentJuddc3891 who are you to decide what is meaningless talentless crap, their new album has just as much meaning as their other albums
    RagingLunatixon April 27, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThat's just your opinion, every's intitled to their own, I for one think this song is full of emotion and its simply awesome! I can't get enough of it. Everyone's got different musical tastes, but this song fits everyone of mine like a glove!
    reck_666on April 30, 2004   Link
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    General CommentIt’s funny that Judd would state such a belligerent opinion considering what other music he listens to. Talk about generic and simplified. Any significant meaning or talent associated with a song just depends on the standards of the person who listens. It’s all in perspective. I'm sure Judd could agree with me on that... all considered of course. Just another nu-metal clone. Aww, so sad

    But of course, it is plainly obvious that this new album is definitely more melodic and less brutal, which is a little bit of a let down.
    example-123on April 30, 2004   Link

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