"Precious Box" as written by and George Michael....
In my house there's a circle, where the life comes in
From the stars to my home, down through the stone,
I could have been so alone,
Without my precious box
Have I a family? I guess not
I've never seen a lot of beauty
In my life.

Well in your house there are servants, and the lights all dim
Such a beautiful home, your agent's on the phone, they never
Leave you alone
The party never stops!
You say that's fantasy, I say "So what, I need a little

So let me in,
You know you've kind of got under my skin
You know we never see a lot of the action round here
My dear
You may want to strip again

And you look so fine in your Gucci suit
And you're making more money than your daddy
Could have imagined
But people can go out of fashion, honey, yeah, any time

So take that picture, stop acting so dumb
Don't you know that the moment will come
I will find someone like you
But with something extra, I'm sorry baby
I don't know why
I don't know why that is

The systematic breakdown of my community
You know I hate my job, I try to save but God
There's just never enough
Switch on, the pressure, stops
You know the one for me, she's on Fox
And she's a little beauty

Give me your life, give me your life, I want it
Because lately, it's so freezing out here
(This side of the glass, life keeps kicking my ass)
In so many ways, but you make it good
Made me the kind of happy that my baby never could
(This side of the glass)

So take that picture, stop acting so dumb
Don't you know that the moment will come
I will find someone like you
But with something extra, I'm so sorry baby
I don't know why
I don't know why that is

Precious keeps me company
Keeps me from being alone

Because no-one comes in the morning
No-one comes in the evening time
I'd sit and wait for the phone to ring
I could be waiting my whole damn life

So sick of the same old faces
In this street, where nobody talks to me
And the funny side of the situation is
I don't care, I'll always be there

When you come down from the sky
And make yourself at home
In my house

Because these days it's the money the money
The money, honey, or your life
I said don't you know you can't have both

Stop acting so dumb
The moment will come
I will find someone like you
Something extra, (always happens baby to me) sorry baby
I don't know why (something)
Said I don't know why that is

You may want to strip again
You may want to let me in
You may want to sacrifice
More than you think is fair or right

You may want to think again
You may want to watch your friends
You may want to change your mind
You may wish you could turn back time.

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"Precious Box" as written by George Michael

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    Song MeaningThe song's meaning:

    The song is about a depressed man with no close friends and a bad relationship with his SO (possibly divorced or broken up) who hates his job, financial pressure and his life in general, so he relieves his stress by watching a beautiful wealthy celebrity on TV (his TV is his "precious box") late at night who he's obsessed with (and actually had a brief relationship with her sometime in the past).

    He fantasizes about being with her again (despite being middle or working class) or finding another woman who is even more wealthy and successful, and proving to his fantasy woman that his economic status doesn't make him unworthy of her and that she could easily have ended up in his shoes.

    If you watch the music video to "Father Figure" (about a taxi driver who has a brief relationship with a fashion model and becomes obsessed with her) you'll see that the theme of this song is strangely similar to the video. It's actually a mildly depressing song even with its electrodance beat and synths.
    musicfiend43on August 13, 2009   Link
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    General Commentanother great funky party type of song by george, like fastlove
    perplex_on April 09, 2005   Link

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