The last thing that i wanted was your company, but still you came running back here anyway. And the truth is that ill never tell you anything because everytime i try my words come out and kill me quick.

Crush my dreams, ill fade away. As long as what you wanted was for me to be miserable. Im breaking down everyday. The sky is a new shade of grey.

Trying to say sorry when these were your intentions; cant take back what youve said. ill never forgive, ill never forget (cross my heart).

The last thing that i needed was your sympathy, but you still showed it to me anyway. You live for your excuses, and you should know by now that everytime you try your words come out and kill you quick.

Crush my dreams, ill fade away. Why dont you throw away everything to gaint nothing at all but one less person who cares if you end up dead...ill just forget.

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Ultimatums For Egos song meanings
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    General CommentThe perfect breakup song. Sounds like a case of her leaving him heartlessly. Maybe she has a track record for it? IE: "throw away everything to gain nothing at all, but one less person who cares if you end up dead." Sounds like he isn't the first.

    Kaileyon December 07, 2004   Link
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    General Commentyeah a breakup song about a breakup he didnt want to happen

    something about From First To Last that i dont excastly admire is that they're lyrics are too literal. Most of the time they dont make you think about what they're trying to say. Its like a story, not a poem, and for some fans that better, but for me, i like having to think about it, and then going "yeah i totally relate to that, and it sounds so good when they say it" like alot of Taking Back Sunday songs, or songs by Brand New. Of course just my opinion.
    music*ismyboyfriendon January 12, 2005   Link
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    General Commentumm i don't think its a breakup song. well an ultimatum is something a person gives you, the person wants u to choose one of them, you cant be in between or not choose one at all. ego is someone with a big ego who thinks theyre better than everyone else. the person must've betrayed him by giving him an ultimatum and ruining his life, and now they want to patch things up and beg for forgiveness. but he wont forgive them.
    duhhh:P well im going thru that right now so i love this song.
    mckenaon May 30, 2005   Link
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    General CommentActually I think it could well be both...

    Ultimatums For Egos seems to say that someone gave him an ultimatum, because they had such a big ego they thought he would choose them, but then he chose whatever the other thing was. And he didn't want it to happen, but the other person gave him that ultimatum and he took it.

    xP so a breakup because of an ultimatum...
    feobeoon July 04, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis song is about Matts step father... it was written way before sonny was in the band and i think even before Phil was (second singer) when FFTL was a 4 piece, iv known these guys since 02 and since they dont play it anymore... I'm sure Matt wont mind me saying.
    rraaawwrron February 02, 2006   Link

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