"Out of Time" as written by Damon Albarn, Steven Alexander James and David Rowntree....
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    General CommentI always thought he was saying

    "And I don't know what love will be. But if we stop dreaming now, lord knows we'll never clear the clouds."

    To me this means that he is trying to live a life of love, peace, kindness, and hope and he knows it may be a lost cause and all turn out to be a waste, but on the other hand it might turn out to be something wonderful.

    The "love song" that sets us free isn't a boy and girl love song, it's the song that unites the world together through one love. But this is just my opinion.
    hope_on_a_stickon September 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt's a song about just noticing the world we live in. Were so caught up in our lives and jobs, and social interaction that we forget to just admire the world as it is, and enjoy the smaller things in life.
    Rocktimusprimeon January 14, 2005   Link
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    General CommentClearly the best song on Think Tank.
    Holmon April 02, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis is really a beautiful song.

    This song is about war (in particular the Gulf War's hence the Arabic themed tunes in the background), death and running 'out of time' in your life to not have 'had the time to open your mind' and help appreciate the world, appreciate loved ones not here any more 'now on a computer, gone to the future way out in space' or do enough to help other less fortunate.

    The world's a bleak dangerous place, 'too many people down, everything turning the wrong way round'.

    Damon Albarn lead singer of Blur, is an anti-war campaigner who takes a big interest in oriental and middle eastern styled musical influences. I believe this song is an anti-war protest.

    I love this song so much, it reminds me i shouldn't turn away and look over the atrocities taking place on the planet for Greed and corruption. It remind's me that I'm not living on earth forever and if i don't work hard enough to be a better person and help others, when the time comes of my death, I'll be 'Out of Time' to do anything about it. The bleak Arabic instrument played in the background, Albarn' soothing voice remind's me of the realities of life - which aren't great besides the few moment's of happiness you encounter now and then.
    EddyJon January 12, 2012   Link
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    General Commentgreat song. but i think it is ment for us as a wakeup call.

    Where's the love song,
    To set us free?

    some thing that will get us out of numbness because-

    Too many people down,
    Everything turning the wrong way 'round.
    but he dont know wat it will be cause if he knew he would have told us and set us free.

    and then he tells us to enjoy the movement of the world spinning gently out of time. and than theres the punch line of the song when out of time is getting out of context and tells us we r out of time and there is nothing to do anymore because

    It's in a computer now.
    Gone are the future, way out in space.

    mm sry for my spelling
    shastavastaon April 17, 2008   Link
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    General CommentFear of death and loss of hope for the next generation.
    Pedro49on April 23, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThe best song off the Think Tank album.I think the song's about loss and desperation.Love's diminshing from the world and everything seems to be irrcomprehensible anymore. Damon's wondering if this kind of chaotic life has become the norm and has he lost touch with this harsh reality?
    Joekubrickon May 29, 2005   Link
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    General Commentyou can see hear and feel the world spinning in the universe, slowly and for so long.
    the sunlight is much more better than the light of the computer screen.
    go out and find the love in everything.
    1a1eon July 15, 2008   Link
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    Song FactHere are a few facts about the song, including what Damon himself has said about its meaning:

    The song was accompanied by an anti-war music video, directed by John Hardwick. It was the first of Blur's videos to not feature the band members themselves in any way, consisting entirely of footage from a 2002 BBC Correspondent documentary (Warship) depicting life aboard the United States aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. Albarn described the video as "the antithesis of the 'Top Gun' image of the American military machine." The video is centred on Jill Ameperosa, a 24-year-old aircraft maintenance technician. After walking up to the deck, she looks out at sea whilst subtitles on the screen read, "Two days after I get home he leaves. It's just too hard. I used to love him. But you can't love someone you don't know anymore ...". Albarn explained: "It focuses on the loneliness of somebody working on an aircraft carrier and the fact that a six-month tour of duty means that relationships break down and children go without their parents. That's the reality of it."

    When I was thinking about the meaning yesterday I was thinking of "watch the world spinning gently out of time" as a reference to the world for humans and living beings in general being in danger of breaking down or even coming to an end, i.e. the human population continuing to increase rapidly, over-consumption, global warming and the continuing possibility of a nuclear war happening sooner or later, finally. However, in the video you see Jill Amerporosa standing on deck looking at the sun coming up on the horizon so that has made me wonder if it´s a reference to the world changing slowly from night to day (out of one part of time, night, to the other part of time, day).
    robinb13on August 11, 2015   Link
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    General Commentmeine interpretation zum lied: in dem lied out of time, welches nebenbei mein lieblingslied ist, geht es um diese "schleifen", in die wir fallen. diese Alltags-"schleifen" lassen uns die wichtigen, wunderschönen details des lebens übersehen und vergessen. wir sind so gefangen in unserem alltag, in unseren gewohnheiten, in unseren "schleifen", immer das selbe zu tun, jeden tag, dass wir vergesssen, zu träumen und die unfassbaren dinge zu bewundern. wir sind "out of time"....
    E.Mon May 01, 2018   Link

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