Your porcelain beauty is a alibi for every hour I put up with your lies. your voice echoes in my ears. And when I try to speak the truth its cut off by her loathsome tears. And do I need to beg, do I need to pray, that tomorrow I wont be the same?
With every distraction made.. the things that held me back. An ode to tomorrow, a song to yesterday. A road to sorrow, a vision of far away. But the dreams kept in the back of my mind, the times we spent just talking. And I wish I didn't have to feel this, as I yearn for you, the hurtful nature of our romance. Another chance, make me forget. But the thoughts they where thoughtless, and the things you said tore me down. I wish I didn't, have to feel this. Thinking of you never hurt so much, but what hurt more was you where always right in front of me. and now its much to late, the fever breaks. I should've known, I wish I did.. I want you to look back, all the good time and the laughs, all the friends, they where the only thing that kept me alive.
So tell me, please tell me, what is the reward of being so beautiful. Because I'm sorry, so sorry, for looking like I do. So the days will speed us by, no matter slow we go and no matter how hard we try. Take my hand please take my hand, we will share our passion and our disease. Because our hopes will fall, and our love will fade. But we need a new desire, for it to be born again. We thought these days where worthless, we thought they had no meaning. But the laughter always echoes in our ears. And anger can be eased with the tears of 14 years of pain. Another day lost, in return 7 more gained. Cross out the days, because as our life moves on, and we change our ways, we will never forget these memories. But don't forget me because I'll always be right there. So Jessie, dear Jessie, the things you said made me wish that I was dead.

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Aria To Tommarow song meanings
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    General CommentThis song is incredibly long, and it basically says 'when tomorrow comes will i be the same?' And yes it is spelled 'Tommarow' because i thought that looked cooler then the word 'tomorrow'. Thats just my dark mind...
    DarkerShadeofWinteron June 22, 2003   Link

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