[DJ Paul]
HCP Hypnotize Camp Posse bitch and it's still on hoe

[(Chorus 1) 2x]
North North North North North Mafia

[Chorus 2]
When you fuck wit us well bitch you fuckin with the fuckin best
When you fuck wit us well bitch you fuckin with the fuckin best
When you fuck wit us bitch fuck the rest you fuckin with the best my...
Hypnotize C-A-M-P Posse Posse

[Crunchy Blac]
Let me see do you niggas rob
Let me see do you niggas kill
Let me see do you niggas know how to get you a fuckin mill
Let me see do you niggas know how to keep shit real
If you faking the deal then you get your ass killed
Ain't no hating round here nigga we bout our business
All we trying to get is paper and we ain't even witness
You talk a whole bunch of shit get your head bussed bitch
We put bodies in the back of of our pickup bitch
And droppin em in a ditch

[Lord Infamous]
Bitch eat these hollow tips and die fuckin one through brain and rib cage
Once they come simulate through your lungs make sure
dum-dums don't die today
Dig these hoes bury these foes bitch keep your nose up out my tray
Toss grenades chopper spray stay the fuck up out my way
Leave dem casket doors closed nuthin left but nigga guts
Take a paper sac don't be at the funeral throwing up
None of his remains but these thangs I left in his truck
Sincerly yours Lord Infamous Scarecrow

[La Chat]
Don't have to be no stranger violate bitch your life in danger
A trigga nigga bitch that showin no pity full of anger
I said from the start mothafucka I warned you I got no love
It's staight from the heart when I fuck your body up with them slugs
La Chat you know me hoe I'm always seen in the streets
But you never gonna try to talk to me wishing cause you bitches too weak
If you fuck with me it'll be your life a simple chance that you takin
Clicked up with the Hypnotize Camp of life so all you bitches quit hatin

[Juicy J]
Yeah on that ecs we rollin rollin
North Memphis pistols totin totin
Baby bottles full of cert
With that ice we keep it frozen
Fills of nigga on my hip
Baby I might take a sip
When I'm in the studio
Envy he might take a slip
Ounce of green we break it down
Kings of Memphis on the town
So you niggas take that ink
Trying to stretch it with that frown

[Crunchy Black]
Cause all I wanna know is can you smoke with me smoke with me
Cheif on that weed you smokin dope with me dope with me

[DJ Paul]
Bitch this a real mothafuckin click
Niggas out here traytin flodgin fakin on my profit shit
Trying to steal my name trying to have my fame even wanna look like me
Plenty niggas join the game but only the real break the meat
Bring the pain bring the noise get respect cash the check
Everything be cool till they try to get what I get
Fire hot platinum plaque matching chains with the watch
Let me see you haters bring any plaques back to he spot
Bring it on nigga bring it on don't forget to bring
dem tones nigga bring dem tones
Nigga hope you be bout pullin triggas cause figgas I hang with to
Thugs in HCP don't carry a gun nigga we carryin two
Wanna be's never be's nobody's you asking me
Just a bunch of niggas that wanna claim that low down dirty three
Pop you bitches in the back give your mamma's heart attacks
From this day forth I declare war I hope you niggas ready for that (okay)

[Project Pat]
I represent North Memphis where your cars will be stolen
Young niggas buck as hell nuts will get swollen
Mothafuck the police dope we be holding
Poppin out some lead empty clips then reloading
Ghetto thug niggas out the hood what we molding
Turn ya outer weed ecstasy and that blowin
Pullin robberies jacking sprees dollars foldin
Murder first degree fuck with me I ain't goin
Out here on these bricks making licks off of suckas
Armed to the t you can die mothafucka
Trying to get a piece it's the slang we be using
Of the fuckin pie riding twanks we be crusing
Violators dome and your head get so woozy
All fuckin day bodies stay on the newsy
Hypnotize Minds on a rise for a come up
Strapped wit them thangs those who hate will get fucked up

My HCP gorillas making stance fractured skulls exploding brains
To make it tame we came to put a strain of running game of lames
Mafia niggas plan a fit weapons like black panther shit
Decinegrate your life and take your breath just like a cancer stick
I blast with no hessitance no fingerprint evidence
My mafia resiment will bomb on your residents
I'm T-Rock and I dwell in slums of the ak to represent
But call me Mr. Washington cause I'm all about presidents

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