Rude boy sittin' pancaked on 23's
Clown love to Chicago juggalos
We underground like blaze
My dead homie
And yours
We dead
We dead, no wait a minute, we don't die!
We don't die
We dead

Maybe I like bloody, murder music
You know shit like " stab your fuckin' eye"
Maybe I like eatin' shit like Tylenol PM's
'Cause 5 or 6 will get you high
Maybe I like punchin' people I don't even know
I knock em flat up fuckin' out (pah)
Tuck some money in they jacket with a note
That simply reads "I had to let some anger out" (sorry)
Maybe I only hang with weirdos, and hoodlums
And junkies, I keep em be my side (what up)
Maybe mam doesn't understand a friend is hard to come by
So I'll keep what I can find (my boys)
Maybe I got two felonies, tattoos on my neck
And I always paint my face
Can I still data your daughter?
I mean I think I outta, I like the way she taste

Ain't yo business
How I act!
Ain't yo business
Don't get slapped!
Ain't yo concern
What we do
Less you want yo
Face slapped too!

Maybe I don't even like you, but I gotta front
'Cause your a record label guy (motherfucker)
What if I dragged you by the hair, into the street
And beat your ass, and put a boot up in your eye (puh! Bitch!)
Maybe I would rather fuck a Missy Elliot before a Toni "Braxton"
Maybe I would rather fuck a Macy Grey before a Janet "Jackson"
Maybe I don't have no self esteem so I like to pick on everbody else
Maybe when I was a boy
Underneath my shirt I had bruises and welts "oh" (it's ok)
Maybe I was hungry, bottom barrel poor, and my mom was always sick
Maybe I'm lying
I'm just trying to find an excuse to be a dick, I'm a dick - dick
Maybe I'm upset that you left me
I'll hang myself right above your bed " you should try suicide"
From the ceiling fan, so I'll be swingin when you walk I
I might kick you in the head (stook!)
Maybe I got seven therapists, I been committed
But manager he got me free (double a yall)
Is pills a day, I get so dizzy and high
Sometimes I can't even see, (i gotta sit down)

Ain't yo business
How I act!
Ain't yo business
Don't get slapped!
Ain't yo concern
What we do
Less you want yo
Face slapped too!

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"Ain't Yo Bidness" as written by Michael John Jr. Puwal Joseph Bruce

Lyrics © WORDS & MUSIC A DIV OF BIG DEAL MUSIC LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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    General CommentThis song is just to tell everyone that they have no reason to try to get inside ICP's affairs and unless thay wanna or they have ta they will stay away from you
    TheWhitest1on June 27, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI agree..

    I'm a huge ICP fan along with Blaze, ABK, Twiztid, Dark Lotus, Jumpstead, Esham, and the rest of pshycopathic records.
    Twiztid ABKon October 16, 2004   Link
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    General Commentthis is a juggalo way of life. what is a juggalo, a juggalo is someone that is down for anything, anytime, anywhere. like me. ICP, Blaze, ESham, Jumpstead,Twizted and Dark Lotus are fucken bad, but to be honnest, they gatta step down for my juggalo homie, Blade, this fucker can spite at like a million words a second and hes more morbid then all of Psykopathic Records combind. Theres a small gang of us juggalos here in the bronx. were known has the Morbid Children.
    blazeyadeadon March 24, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think this is about growing up poor, and how society seems to shun the poor and underprivleged. Cause being poor and not having money for food BLOWS. I'm hungry right now and I wish there was something to eat....
    g28401on August 26, 2007   Link

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