Honestly, with the things I've seen
it seems as though we fly
Stories go, stories leave
They imprint on my mind

Be honest, we'll be afraid
Falling over again

Time is wasted and gone
Life is passing on again
The white lights leadin' you on
Is this the end?

So this is what you want to be,
held too close for eyes to see
your fantasy turn to misery

Be honest, we'll be afraid
Falling over again

Time is wasted and gone
Life is passing on again
The white lights leadin' you on
Is this the end?

I can't see what's on your mind
All I know's you're bored again
Irresistance you will find
while you're alive

Time is wasted and gone
Life is passing on again
The white lights leadin' you on
Is this the end?
Time is wasted and gone
Life is passing on again
The white lights leadin' you on
Is this the end?

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    General Commentoh man. this song is so effin' rad. rufio is one of the best bands out there, and i can't wait for the full length on the 17th. i think this song means to live your life to the fullest, otherwise life will pass you by.
    airplanebeliefon June 09, 2003   Link
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    General Commenti love rufio but to me the song is saying just live life and have fun because its too short and you never know when its going to end
    brysonon June 11, 2003   Link
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    General Commentive only listned thru the cd like twice but this seems liek its the best song, also its the mp3 on inteprunk so they must think its besst to, anyways this song is pretty good, but it wouldnt stand out at all on perhaps i suppose and it stands out ont hsi album

    this new album from rufio is a bit disappointing

    the opening track countdown compares favorably to perhaps....'s above me, not above me kicks countdowns ass there is no chance however i wouldnt expect it to be betterabove me is an amazing song but countdown should be able to touch it but it cant.

    white lights track 2 is about equal to still if not worse, maybe alittle better, but i dont think so

    science fiction is decent, but its stupid, it would make sense if it was dont believe in fiction but the science part is pointless, i guess its an ok song but one slowdance is an amazing piece of musicanrying, so again perhaps gets the nod

    track 4- on 1985 its why wait, why wait is a pretty good song i liek it, however in my eyes is a good song as well, ill call it a draw. actually i wont in my eyes is better....this is pitiful....

    we exist.......first of all what a stupid fuckin name of a song, we exist, oh really, we exist huh?
    its a pretty good song,
    she cries is better

    dipshit is funny, use your mind you dipshit.....follow me, why should we follow you rufio youre on a downward trend follow me is a good song ill give dipshit the nod again

    control waht a stupid name of a song
    control oo control lets listen to control, its a decent song but your CONTROOOLL by your own design, his voice sounds so strained like hes havign to push so hard to get his words out, its sounds ridiculous, just a memory is better though
    i dont want to be just a nother b to you
    just a memory to you

    set it off is good, but i love face the truth, a broken heart comes crashign down, sorry set it off but face teh truth is better, i also dont like the way all of rufios song titles are taken from the lyrics, i like tbs how they ahve cool titles that reflect the song but they arent taken from the text. how rufio comes in with WHY DONT YOU CAAAAARE after a bridge just pushes it past set it off

    ill combine perhaps....'s raining in septemeber and road to recovery together. no contest they absolutely annihilate "decency" this stupid one word titles are really annoying, so stupid

    people may be tellingn me to take my pill and stop whining about rufios new cd but i wont because again this track beats 1,985

    over it is ok
    so stupid actually

    tears and selfishness add more depth and more quantity as well as better quality songs to the album thean 1985 has

    finally the last tracks, save the world, an extremely poppy song is cool, i like how htey end it with "lets save the wooooooooooorld"

    goodbye sucks, goodbye my lonely la-hife! goodbye my lonely la-hife, so stupid

    all in all, perhaps i suppose is an amazing album which you should defiently get befroe picking this up, me myself, i loved rufio for perhaps i suppose and this album is a huge dissappointemtn for me, and by that i mean a HUUUUGE disappointment, perhaps i suppose is a great album 5 stars of 5, this id give a 2 or 2 1/2

    other 5 stars include, taking back sunday's tell all your firends, that has got to be the greatsest album ever, except john has now quit whcihc sucks

    norhtstars is this ting loaded allso gets 5, that is a great album full of another orignal sounding guy aand greatly constructed hooks and lyrics

    all saves teh day albums are good, the more i lsistne to the new one the less i like it, i like their first the most, checkout in reverie when it comews out
    i give thru being cool 4 1/2 and same with cant slow down, i give swyare 4

    dashbaord is great, places gets 4 1/2, so impossible ep is beautiful, 5 stars
    checkout a mark......... in august

    brand new put out agood album and htier new one looks like til be good

    all in all if you find yourself goin on june 17th to the record store there are much better cds to buy, if you want to buy a cd that just came out cuz you are weird

    moneen - are we really happy with who we are right now

    looks to be a good album ill prolly pick that up on wedsnday cuz i got these fuckin exams, brand news deja entendu is also good, also take a look at BEER: THE MOVIE soundtrack, that looks decent, those are three albums iw ould pick up before getting rufios 1985, while it is an album that would usually get 3 stars from me, or even 3 1.2 the fackt that its rufio makes it so much worse, i had high expectations for this album and rufio just didnt live up to them

    also if youre goin to the store i sugest you get THE RECRUIT on dvd, it stars hot young irish actor Colin Farrell and Al Pacino as his mentor. Farrell dominates every scene from Pacino if that tells you what this movies acting is like. While the plot is good, its very predictable however Farrell's performance is amazing, I also recommend the movie Tigerland, also starring Colin Farrell, and don't forget to go to theatres August 8th for the release of the movie S.W.A.T. it will be a great movie.

    im goin to smoke a pack........i need it
    chrisconleyon June 15, 2003   Link
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    General Commentfuck man. no one cares about all of the bands you like. and who asked you to make a list of the movies you're going to buy? NO ONE CARES and your opinions on the new cd suck. just because you dont like the new sound doesnt mean that it sucks. the ep was supposed to give a premonition of what's to come so if you didnt like that then you shouldnt have bought this. and all you did was fucking concentrate on the name of the songs: "decency" this stupid one word titles are really annoying, so stupid"

    god. your post... what has the world come to

    sheesh go hang out at the mall and listen to your new found glory and good charlotte.
    11-westeron June 19, 2003   Link
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    General Commentyour an idiot first of all i ALREADY bought the recruit, i didnt make a list of the movies im going to buy. second of all did i say anything about new found glory or good charlotte, no, for your information i cant stand either of those bands. second of all this site is a place to give your opinions you idiot and my opinion is that you are in fact.....well...an idiot
    third of all fuck you and your premonition, I DIDNT BUY THE CD I FOUND OUT IT SUCKS WITHOUT PAYING A DIME
    however after listenign to white lights a few tiems it is a pretty good song, maybe i just need to listen to the album a few more times maybe itll sound bettter i didnt like the whole rufio album the first time i listened to it, i dont like most albums teh first time i listened to it, but you shouldnt take everything so seriously and you shouldnt be jealous of colin farrell...............well thats al i guess, im goin to hot topic to listen to avril and hit on 13 year old punk wannabees, like yourself
    chrisconleyon June 19, 2003   Link
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    General Commenti like the new rufio cd
    chrisconleyon June 20, 2003   Link
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    General Commentso you are still a fag
    hope unseenon June 20, 2003   Link
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    General Commentdude just let the guy say what he wants to say...
    BrandNew1208on June 20, 2003   Link
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    General Commentyes hope unseen, so i am still a fag
    chrisconleyon June 21, 2003   Link
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    General Commentyeah you are

    -embrace change
    hope unseenon June 23, 2003   Link

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