floating away
fading away again
fall from your arms
find my feet again
you're coming down
you're coming around again
facing your eyes
i'll find my way home

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    General CommentThis song is so amazing, and means something very special to me. I'm curious as to who knows anything about it.

    I think it's about having a person in your life that is almost like your comfort zone, and they keep you grounded I guess....I dont really know.
    GbishopHRon October 27, 2004   Link
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    My InterpretationSong Meanings.
    The Think Positive Album by Daniel Johns on itunes
    One day at a Time from the Think Positive album by Daniel Johns on itunes
    This song is about being very alone even though you have lots of people around. You can be very alone and extremely depressed and people who even know you well will not even suspect that you feel so bad or why. Everybody has these times in their lives and you have to hang on and hang in until your next chapter arrives. If you have a positive attitude and a dream or a plan you will get to those new dreams and adventures. The song was written about the loss of a very close friend to anorexia.

    Think Positive song from the Think Positive album by Daniel Johns on itunes
    Think Positive is about giving out positive energy and love to the people around you. It may be just a smile on your face or a positive encouraging comment. You will only every be remembered for what you do for other people around you. As the song says don't let the past drag you down. The past is the past and the future is today and onwards. Head toward the future and forget the past. Life is a series of lessons towards understanding. Experience equals mistakes we hopefully don't make twice. Use your mistakes to lead you forward with more knowledge and understanding. Once you recognize the pattern of life you can use it to go forward to plan and do things you want to do which will bring you happiness. Sometimes it takes a while to produce great outcomes in life but you have to be persistant and patient and keep trying and believing in yourself. Nobody else can help you but you. It's all up to you to make a decision to change yourself then go forward to your future.

    Think Believe and Dare from the Think Positive album by Daniel Johns on itunes
    You may not be able to change the world but you definitely can cnange yourself. Many of these songs by Daniel Johns on the Think Positive Album are about changing yourself and who you think you are. This song is talking to any person in the street passing by whispering that they all have within them the ability to do anything. Most people don't know this. As Daniel writes in another song "you can't jump a building but you can reach the other side" (Fools' Gold on the Australian Album), no you physically cannot do everything but sometimes where you want to go is really mental. Sometimes you just want to be loved and appreciated for being yourself. You may think that money can get this for you but can it? The song Think Believe and Dare is about creating a dream for yourself about how you want to feel and be in the future. It may be a physical thing you want to do or just a state of mind. Maybe just to be happy. Everything that is created in this world begins as an idea and a dream. Every gadget we use and every invention starts from an idea in somebody's mind. So don't be afraid to have plans and dreams and ideas about the future and yourself. "Dream a new tomorrow" for yourself, go out of your way from the usual path and look around at who you are and where you are going. The hardest thing to do in life is decide what you want to do or be. Once you decide on a decision, your mind will try as hard as it can to take you to there. This song encourages people to switch on their mind, to make decisions about the future. Deciding to be rich may be one choice, however deciding just to be happy could be a wiser one. One thing is for sure, your rewards in life are about what you do for other people.

    Ready or Not from the Think Positive album by Daniel Johns on itunes

    Nobody is every ready enough to begin something new or different in their life. No performer has ever learned enough or rehearsed enough. So in your life just begin your plan or dream now. See the future, feel it, touch it and smell it in your mind. Emotions talk to your mind and not just words. So think of what you want in your life and go for it now. Don't wait till your are ready. Nobody is every ready. The final verse of the song is very important to my interpretation of the song. Daniel writes "there's a perfect world inside your mind so go down the stairs and open the blind". To me this means going deep into your mind and seeing the future as you would write it if everything is possible. So if you had a magic wand that could write your future how would you write tomorrow. What many people have found in the past is that some amazing things happen when you begin to think like this. "Imagine you and me could see what we could be" (from the Think Believe and Dare song) is again where Johns reinforces this idea he has with destiny and dreaming. So he wants us to go down the stairs of our mind and open the blinds to see the future as we would make it if we could. This is a very interesting idea. So if you could write your own script of your movie (mentioned in another song) what would you begin with, can you imagine what choices you would make. Those choices would instantly change your future (hinted at in the Think Believe and Dare song). I find these concepts that Daniel Johns is sharing with us are very powerful and can help all of us be better people and be happier and do more for the world and the people around us on a daily basis. This is just my interpretation of these songs with regard to the other songs also on the Australian Album and the Think Positive solo album by Daniel Johns.
    Tomglee34on December 13, 2011   Link

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