and it sounds like...armageddon
sounds like...armageddon
sounds like...come & drink with me

come & drink with me

and I remember him fucking me.
and I remember liking it
I didn't know any better,

and I remember the smell, and the pain, & the shame
and I remember being afraid and thinking everyday-
every single day that it was my fault...

oh but what happened to that little girl,
who used to dream of one day ruling the world,
who used to draw pretty pictures,

in my room-beneath the moon
destroying to create
softly praying to god,

what do I do now?
what do I do now?

as I secretly masturbate...
but then I'd hear his hooves coming down the floor
with a bible in his hand...

softly opening my door and he'd say...

DAUGHTER! the day of your attonement is due!
well there's 3 million sinners out there...
and that includes YOU!

no daddy don't! (2x)

I'm bleeding, it's not fair
you see there's this little place I like to go,

I like to run and hide---deep inside,
where all the nightmares are real,and all the monsters come alive,

oh, but the things I've seen in soft, soft visions and terrifying prophecies,
like serpents on the take & gods coming in all sizes & shapes
nothing seems fulfilling anymore

well your temples are swollen in deceit & the body of your missionary

he's rotting...
rotting in defeat mama?

are the aliens coming to take us away? [mama?]
is armageddon gonna happen again today?


I PREFER DIE!!! than live---this life--of LIES!!!

vengeance is mine.

hey... I'm sorry... baby...
please come back inside... we can laugh a little...
And live and die
no wait. see, eye got this hot pot of jonestown tea &
its been brewing for you & me
oh, it only takes one sip

come on baby
surrender your lips
I can take you someplace nice

I can take you... someplace NICE.

breed my disease be my disease and vengeance will be mine
its closer than you think...

so I entered his room at 32 past noon
with my little ritual knife...
I cut out his tounge
liberated his wife
she loved me for it other world woman,

well, thats what she called me [destroyer] the one who sets you free
[come & drink with me]

we all die like cartoons, surrender your children,
kids who like to kill, lies...

Lyrics submitted by Belladonna

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    General Comment"There are so many people out there that have dealt with this, but they've hidden it because they think it's their fault. They think that they should have had some way of stopping it or avoiding it. So it became very important for me to give them a voice, to let them know that they are not alone. That's what this art is for." --Otep

    (that's off their official site)
    Communist Spyon July 08, 2003   Link
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    General Commenti always understood it as autobiographical...if you listen to the actual song the music really gets to you and gets you pissed. which, of course is the intent. but it keeps you thinking for a long time after you hear it. this is one of my favorite songs but not for the weak at heart
    sevastrasinneron May 11, 2004   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song is incredible. The way that it leads up to the first climax is so emotional, and then the way that the music is structured during the climax makes your feel her fear, pain, confusion, etc. And the final climax, you really feel her anger. Otep is a genius.

    I've always thought of the connection with the Jonestown as a way of trying to cover up what's been done. We watched a Jonestown documentary in my History class a while back. He was getting away with molesting and raping people and he had taken most of his followers to Guyana, to escape the people that were beginning to question his leadership in the states. When politicians began to figure out what was happening, Jim Jones gathered them all together and got them all to drink the koolaide and cyanide, as an attempt to cover up everything that he had done to those poor people. In this song, I think it could be her father trying to make her forget all that he had done and to make her trust him again. It's like he's trying to cover up that what he's done is wrong.

    The follow up to this song, "Where the River Ends" is just as amazing and power as this one.
    AllisonMon October 04, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song is probably the greatest Otep song. I found this song at the same time I was going through the same shit and it meant the world to me. The harshness of the lyrics is exactly how it felt. I think the meaning is pretty obvious. As lame as it sounds, this song probably saved me.

    Otep rock \m/
    bing_bangon April 22, 2008   Link
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    General Commentamazing song... i just want to know... is it autobiographical of Otep's life or is she just championing a cause?
    darkspoton June 20, 2003   Link
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    General CommentIt's a very cryptic song. But it is autobiographical. That's what makes such a good song, it's honest and she doesn't hold back the truth about her life. darkspot and Communist Spy are both right. She is trying to get the word out about sexual abuse of children because of what happen to her. In one of the tour diaries on her website she talks about a child pornography ring that was busted up and how disgusted she was with it. It was mostly the parents of the children being abused. Some parents traded their children.

    "My idea? disembowelment. Their abdomen is sliced open, an incision is made into their large intestine, one end is then pulled out and threaded into a rolling device and their intestine is then slowly pulled out and rolled up like a giant spool of thread. All while they are awake and can see their entrails leave their body, much like the spirit of the children they chose to destroy."
    leizure_fanon May 12, 2004   Link
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    General CommentSidenote for you all: The title "Jonestown Tea" refers to this cult run by a guy named Rev. Jim Jones a while back. He and 900 of his followers went to Jonestown, (?somewhere?) and performed a mass suicide in a small house in the woods by drinking Kool-Aid laced with cyanide (thats your "Jonestown Tea" people) . The thing with that is some people who were formerly involved with the CIA confessed to this being an experiment the government was doing about the power of mind control and munipulation of the masses (which is somewhat expressed throughout the song).But it was never investigated by the government and no reports of this being a CIA Op. have ever been officially released to the public. But yeah, I read somewhere that Otep said this song was about her childhood and man, this song is so incredibly emotional. It makes me feel sick inside everytime I listen to it. Otep = most intelligent emotional metal band in existence. Shadow soldiers, keep on fighting.

    - Jonny Slag
    psychotic_oneon May 28, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI dont understand what Otep is trying to get across...are we supposed to feel sorry for her...are we supposed to realize that shit like this does happen...or are we supposed to be angry for the fact that this happened to her and we cant do anything about it...whatever the reason may be I love her music and the feelings she puts into every song
    mylf018on October 03, 2004   Link
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    General Commentvery few bands have the ability to write music that
    buries your ass in a mountain of goosebumps the way that otep does it,and even fewer female singers
    have vocal cords That fucking powerful!vocal cords
    many male singers could only dream of having.very
    impressive in my book.
    lakeoffire_on November 06, 2004   Link
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    General Comment....and she makes kittie fuckin suck!!!!!!!
    lakeoffire_on November 06, 2004   Link

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