"Mies del dolor" as written by Thomas Stauch, Marcus Siepen, Hans Juergen Kuersch and Karl Rudolf Bauerfeind....
Ella partió
Y el bosque durmió
La doncella nunca volverá

El sello del olvido se ha roto
Y en pecado un amor tornará

Nuestra vida sola baila
Esperanza gritos cubrirá
La verdad en el pasado
Sueños mentiras mostrarán
La noche vendrá
Dolor quedará

De repente todo se aclaró
La venda de los ojos cayó

Sus ojos cerró
Y mi nombre gritó
Ella nunca nunca mas fue vuelta
A ver

Mies del dolor
Tu fruto creció
En helada tierra de pesar
Cuando muera la luz
La noche invernal

Ella partió
Y yo pierdo la fe
Mis heridas no podrán sanar

Traeré al ocaso
Pese a que seré burlado yo
Por la vida y el juicio final

Amanece en la vida y sé
Que pronto todo pasará
Y enfrento las sombras de pie en soledad

Mies del dolor
Tu fruto creció
En helada tierra de pesar
Cuando muera la luz
La noche invernal

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"Mies del Dolor [*]" as written by Karl Rudolf Bauerfeind Hans Juergen Kuersch

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Mies Del Dolor song meanings
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    General CommentI added this song after searching the Internet in vain. I finally came upon a text document that no longer exists--I found a cached copy, but its old address is angelfire.com/ok/speedandpower/… has a mistake-ridden transcript of the lyrics.
    I tried to fix the lyrics as best as I could, although the words in brackets indicates uncertainty. For the most part, the contents are grammatically correct, but even though Hansi has great pronunciation for a non-native speaker, I still had trouble. Believe me, I would have never been able to figure out the lyrics without that copy I found.
    Hopefully someone can correct the uncertain parts.
    By the way, it's amazing that there are six versions of this song in four different languages.
    Lunetiaon October 11, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI'm not one to criticize, but shouldn't it be "Mies del dolor" and not "Y es del dolor"? I mean, that IS the name of the song. I'm not a fluent Spanish speaker, but I can clearly hear "MEE-YESS" and not 'EE ESS;" I kind of exaggerated the pronunciation, but that's beside the point.
    At any rate, it's a good song by a great band, and a much better transcript than I could do if I tried.
    myname_isdougon June 07, 2003   Link
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    General CommentFor those of you confused this is just the spanish version of Harvest of Sorrow...... so is Mossion de Peine and all the other versions
    Thaugloron April 13, 2004   Link
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    General CommentYes, I also think it should be "Mies del Dolor", not "y es del dolor"
    And I'm a native spanish speaker, so I may be right ^_^
    I also think there are other mistakes.

    "Nuestra vida se la baila [??]" should be "Nuestra vida sola baila" and then it makes sense (our life dances by herself)

    "La verdad de los ojos cayó" -> "la venda de los ojos cayó"

    "Traeré el ocaso que es a que se he volado yo" -> you're right 'cause it really doesn't make any sense at all. It should be "Traeré al ocaso pese a que seré burlado yo" (I will bring the sunset altough I will play the fool, or somethin like that...)

    I think you should check this link


    I didn't find any mistake on it.

    Hope you do the correction ;)

    Btw, beautiful song! I also think it's amazing how the Blinds made six versions of this song. Love Hansi's pronunciation too.
    Elarienon May 17, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAsked an Austrean friend to translate it and he said, dude.... its in spanish..... XD /facepalm
    WickermanTheThirdon October 16, 2009   Link

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