I don't know why everybody's talking bout me
is he really gonna be a hot mc
asking if my albums gunna flop
wondering if I'm gonna hit billboard's top
I don't know why this world got so much hate
if it was that much love it would all be great
but there ain't and its making me strong
if you real then you gunna be feeling this song

Since the last time you saw me on T.V. blazing mcs
my life turned around did a hundred eighty degrees
theres a couple key issues that I gotta address
plus alot of bullshit to get off my chest
everybody's got opinions that they wanna contest
i listen to most of them and ignore the rest
some confess that I'm hot
some stress me alot saying that I don't deserve all the success that I got
is it me or does it seem like they're obsessed with my jock
either that or they just jealous of my props
all it took was hardwork plus my obsession with fame
ask around who's nice and they'll mention my name
is he the best in the game
the question remains
will he ship numbers or is he a one-hit wonder
ya'll cant talk about me ya'll dont know what Ive been thru
I just wanted to rap look what I got myself into


Before I even dropped any material I had alot of critics
what I gota do to prove to ya'll I'm not a gimmick
eager to check my tnumbers when my sales start to cash in
seems like yall want me to fail with a passion
my own people hating my eyes are deceiving me
can it be? some of them don't even believe in me
first you mad there ain't no Asian in the mainstream
no doubt now there is one you say he sold out!?
face it you don't hate the fact that Im rhymin'
you hate the fact that you aint in the position that im in
i'm a pioneer it ain't a mystery look
got my own chapter in the hiphop history book
oh and by the way in case you didnt notice
all the hating you doing is keeping me focused
besides hating is bad for your health
at the end of the day I'm still asking myself


I can't explain what this game is putting me through
you wouldn't understand man put ya foot in my shoe
walk a mile shit you could even walk an inch
same pace thats all it takes for you to relate
it aint about right or wrong
be the same cats that love my freestyles that say i cant write a song
plus he signed to the R don't he run with thugs
what he gone rap about now huh guns and drugs?
nope I'm just gunna do me
witty cat plus I'm a true mc
I prove to be give the streets my music
I paid my dues I got receipts to prove it
you can't refuse it if its hot its hot
actually im flattered you say i sound like Marshall Mathers
Im no Eminem but Im not wack either
only reason you compare me to him is cause Im not black neither


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