Girl, your body's so elegant
Skin's so delicate
Evident you was heaven sent
Girl ever since I laid eyes on
Been hypnotized on you
Your lips and eyes, size of the hips and thighs on you
Everytime you in the club, different guys on you
Like flies on you
But they won't love you like I love you

Young, sexy
Material and free
But you know I'll change for you
You know I'll change for you

Wit yo black do rag
Iced out, grey Gucci timbs
Boy you know I got plans for you
Don't you know I got plans for you

[Verse 1]
Look at your face
Your braided hair
Look what you do to me
And you're just standing there
When I look in your eyes (When I look in your eyes)
Ooo, it's just not fair
Now what did you say to me
I don't even care, Cause I'm...


[Verse 2]
I'm gon tell you right now (I'm gon tell you right now)
You don't understand (You don't understand)
Now why should I hesitate
You look like a good man
So if I play you close
Don't hold it against me
See after the party
We'll jump in my Bentley

In this party
All eyes on you
Every girlie
Is trying to holla too
You should bounce with me
It's time to make this move
I got plans for you
All night long

Aye yo, in case you didn't know ma
My name is Loon
'Nother bad boy about to be famous soon
Chicks 'bout to be all up in my anus soon
But see I'd rather be claiming you
Matter fact I got a whole lot of reasons
But here's a few reasons why
I'm really thinking 'bout leaving
The party is packed
Got these chicks all over my back
No security, and I ain't even holding no gap
But when I come through clubbin' it
It's obvious that chicks is lovin' it
Real smooth playa, far from thuggin' it
But even though I starve
My government got plans for you
I can't wait to get my hands on you

[Chorus 2x's]

(Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da)
J Records
Feeling Sexy
It's how we do

Un Un Un....(ad lib)

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