if i'm out of touch and need reminding
just tell me i have been found
i'm walking to a new dimension
i have left familiar ground

all the things i do lately seem to you
as false behaviour, but i can't
really change your mind
this is my time
annie, you would not understand

i've become blind, i've lost my mind
yes and no, but annie, would i lie to you?
i've got control, this is my show
listen to me, annie, would i lie to you?

somebody pulled my hand with enough illusion
they have led me out to play
when you see me lie back in temptation's arms
and have it all my way

i still have my name, i still have my face
i have not run away from home
does it seem so wrong if i now embrace
every single thing i've never known?

and tonight, i'll stray, i'll go too far
only in your eyes
and, for my own good
all i knew will soon be sadly dying
(soon be dying)

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Annie, Would I Lie To You? song meanings
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    General CommentThe Annie Lennox connection is amusing, probably not intended. but then again maybe the name annie was chosen specifically due to that connection.

    My impression of the song is not abt drugs or addiction, but abt lifestyle as becoming a rockstar musician/ entertainer. his new lifestyle is alienating his friendship with annie. he chooses rockstardom but hopes annie will change her mind and be more patient and understanding with him.

    he's just landed a sweet label contract and his life is changing. "they have led him out to play" means literally play music.

    friend annie notices the difference in him and interprets it as false behavior. he says yes and no--its theatrics and show biz, but he's doing it sincerely for the music/art. it's all he's ever known = aspired to become, worked at becoming. now that he's gotten the chance, what's wrong with embracing it? it's not like he's given up his name/ his face or has run away frm home or anything. she's never been an aspiring rock musician, so she would not understand. if he follows her advice, all his dreams of becoming a rock star will lie sadly dying.

    mliem411on July 01, 2011   Link
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    General Commentthe title obviously refers to the 80's hit 'would i lie to you' by the eurythmics (ANNIE lennox singing). the link seems to end there...
    slowbrainson February 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI'm not convinced it's meant to link to the Eurythmics track like that, but, it's certainly possible. To me, this song sounds like someone who's come to a "turning point" in their life -- most likely something like moving away from home to college, or somesuch -- and is reassuring an old friend ("Annie") that, while they're taking in new experiences and doing things they'd never have done before (sex, drugs, etc), they haven't really "lost [their] mind" and they've "got control" of the situation that is their new life.

    It's either a ballad of personal strength against the woes of peer pressure, or a depressing look at addiction from the mind of the addicted, I think. All depends on whether you believe the Narrator, or the apparent accusations of "Annie".
    xarexeraxon June 30, 2009   Link

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