My eyes are shut I cannot see
though clear is thy despair
I drift away - far away
from places of which you seek

Though I seek thy hell
yuo close the gate before me
Your life is right, and I'm to
follow to your paradise

I cannot fall in love
love is for them
Lusting for the sky -

Why did I come to this world
of sorrow why is this true
Where is my dagger of sacrifice

I will open the gates to Hell one

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    General CommentVarg is the only singer who can sound so angry and depressed at the same time. But I have no clue what he means with this song
    Azanulhuon July 02, 2008   Link
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    Song MeaningThis track is about a spirit from the ancient past, in the body of someone from the present (Varg), who yearns to return to the ways of yore, but is prevented by modern society / Christianity (after all, our forebears were demonised by the Christians, ergo Varg is using ''Hell'' and "Thy Hell" as metaphors for the past, not literally meaning that he wants to go to Hell, which debunks the "Satanist" claims),and feels as if he is forced to follow the ''good'' and ''right'' Christian path, which he cannot do because his spirit is too old and too wise to let him succumb to their ways, while his 'gate' to true knowledge and wisdom is locked, not made available to enter because it is dismissed as 'evil' and 'wrong''. At the end he states that he will "open the gate to Hell one day", meaning that he will follow his heart anyway, by rebelling against the modern 'way of life' and track the footsteps of his forebears down the pagan path, his right path.

    A totally incredible piece of art, both in the music and the lyrics.
    Meaningfinderon December 18, 2015   Link
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    Song MeaningIgnore the strange keyboard errors in my meaning below. Do not know why that happened.
    Meaningfinderon December 18, 2015   Link
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    General CommentThis seems to deal with feelings of denial-'I cannot fall in love' perhaps he can't come to terms with emotions. He seeks hell at the start but gate is closed, and final line 'I will open the gates of hell one day' gives victory to the narrator. It's very hard not to look at this and not think of his fatal stabbing of Euronymous-'dagger of sacrifice' and of course the record store called Hell, also could be about suicidal feelings as the line before seems to reflect on certain emptyness. Nevertheless, it's quite a tune.
    Redbiddyon November 17, 2008   Link

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