"Rise" as written by David Draiman, Dan Donegan, Steve Kmak and Mike Wengren....
Throw away
The charade of your life
Let the flame of my heart
Burn away
Your complacence tonight
I command you to rise
Wash away
The decay of your life
Feel the light of your eyes
Find the way
Through the darkness tonight
Fearing no one

Do you really think I covet like you do

Come, take me away
Remove the fear from my eyes
Feel the flame of my heart
Burning away
All conversation tonight
Hearing no one

Am I precious to you now

Now rise
Turn away
From the shame of your life
Feel the light from my eyes
Consolation tonight
Fearing no one

Do you really think I covet like you do

Come, take me away
Remove the fear from my eyes
Feel the flame of my heart
Burning away
All conversation tonight
Hearing no one

Now, I cannot stop this
Pure emotion
Falling from my eyes
You are vindicating
Saviors of my soul

Lyrics submitted by Robert Metal

"Rise" as written by David Draiman Dan Donegan

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    General CommentThe song is about how you should be you and not give a damn about what people think about you, or you will never be truly happy with yourself.

    Listen to the lyric go
    throw away!
    the charade of your life!"

    So throw away the charade of how you live, and start living. Im black and i like rock. And EVERYONE at my school knows it. I am away from "the crowd" and above it. I've risen above them because im not like them. Or as they would call it: "weird"
    TheS0v1eton December 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentTo me this song is about a dialogue between God and a human:
    God - Verses
    Human - Chorus and Interlude
    God is trying to give the human faith, to get him out of 'the shame of his life'.
    Just an opinion, but probably more wrong that right. I love this song.
    FloridaGuyon October 05, 2011   Link
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    General CommentFell = Feel, had to get that out of the waymatey, this song is kick ass! it so fast, so catchy, so cool, i see what Wolf means by workout and all that, as soon as i heard this i leapt onto me running machine and went for a long run, most I have ever done to be honest with you, 10/10... Oh wait no 10? Damn, 5/5 then :)
    Dante287on September 24, 2002   Link
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    General CommentHmm...I'd have to say this song is about how, well let me set up the scenario. A guy (David Draiman, since he's the singer) has very little significance to someone, and this other person is real complacent, full of themself, thinking they don't need anyone. But then a time comes when they really do need someone, and that person is the singer. The singer helped them, but won't open up to them, because they don't really think the person they are helping really wants them for anything more than the present moment of need, thus, 'am i precious to you now' only that i am helping you. the singer tells them to turn from the shame of their life and just open up, thus they are helping that person, but they know that once the parasite gets what they want, the singer will be just more dust in the wind again. But through this the singer gets a little attached to the person, and they end up really helping each other out a little bit. But, perhaps I am way off. That's just how I interpret it.
    ViciousBetrayalon March 26, 2003   Link
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    General CommentIt's all about rising above the masses.

    Folks, and feel free to argue this: but Fallacy = Evil.

    To be fake, you are denying yourself the truth of your emotions and therefore are lying to yourself and/or others.

    As the song goes (my interpretation):
    You must throw away all the fakeness in your life and let your heart (passion) guide you. This is how you find out who you are and do what you have been created to do.

    Don't push. Don't pull. Don't force. Especially don't condition yourself. Don't walk away from your own self.

    Because you must understand what you have been created by your creator is the same as what you enjoy doing. Find that alignment and let your life unfold to the happiness and loves that you want/dream/need so badly.

    It's the only way you'll be truly be satisfied.
    chino69on October 21, 2004   Link
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    General CommentKinda seems like theyre talking about faith/religion etc cleansing someone of their past and "offering consolation." Disturbed has done many songs about religion, on Believe especially.
    marmotman24on January 28, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti dunno, what you said makes sense, vicious. its a fairly confusing song, to me at least.
    Chipmunk777on June 10, 2003   Link
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    General Commentye,....um....no. Okay the person above mines is just wrong. lol.

    Im not fond of pretty much any religon, but alot of the songs on this cd COULD be religious to some people depending on there backrounds.

    Im not going to say anything past that because i dont want to upset people.

    I honestly like songs better when i dont think about them. lol
    linkinpark8474on July 24, 2005   Link
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    General Commentawesome!
    hotness2000on October 10, 2005   Link
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    General Commentjeeez u guys...i never heard such a powerful but good sounding beat like in this one before...disturbed has some wicked drumbeats!!

    as for the meaning, it fits with the feelin' u get from the song... RISE!!! rise up to do something about the way u feel...that's my 2 bits tho..
    cammilloon November 11, 2005   Link

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