Rock Singer: let it go son you're not a violent one you're speaking words that are speaking like you're ten foot tall i don't blame you what else have you to do when your life exists of covering up your own self truths it's down to nothing so come around to my front door and face me you're at a loss for words rock singer if it fills you up bring it on how do you sleep with yourself do you feel the hatred open up some you'll find the difference from mouthing off and shooting off your guns that are filled with blanks why do you scrape this you're digging without a tool you wish you had a line cover up your lack of truth you said it feel that it's authority think it's a priority .

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    General CommentWe know what know one else does . We are the HOT WATER MUSIC FANS AND WE STAND STRONG. But we stand practicly alone and thats the only way it can be. It is great that not everyone understands you because not everyone diserves to be saved by you like i was. I have realized so much since listening to you guys . You have changed my life . And i am so envious that you are so positive and everything i could ever strive to become. The few that know the truth. we love you HWM . and always will .thank you for all you have writen and for singing your heart out for what you beleve in. You will always be remmembered by the people that understand you. We have faith because of you and only in you. Though i dont think that you will ever get to see the true impact you have on your few fans. I am glad you can see us singing our hearts out with you at your shows. I can only say one last thing that sums you up into one word TRUTH.

    NickmanHWMon September 28, 2002   Link
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    General Commentbring it on...
    FallMikeHeroon October 14, 2002   Link
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    General CommentNick I couldnt have said it better myself. Hot Water Music is a great inspiration for BMXers everywere too I am one of them and I am inspired thanks for all your music!!!
    Atticuskickson May 02, 2003   Link
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    General Commenti fuckin love these songs. HWM is what being in a band is all about in every aspect. They are so great cause they believe in what they do and it shows this song calls out other bands and other influentual people who dont mean a word they promote. at least thats how i take it. i would not want to face chuck regan so better listen up out there.

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    newwave1111on July 07, 2006   Link

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