"And One (Outro)" as written by Chester Charles Bennington, Robert G. Bourdon, Brad Delson, Joseph Hahn and Mike Shinoda....
Spit drips in the jar, the witless witness
Cryptic code, realism shifts your mystic
Dark all I do embark the shadows,
Involved with my thought catalogue, analogue, rap catalogue
Keep my distance, answer your resistance, hurt by persistance
The twisted web of tangled lies strangles my hope to waste and numbs the taste
And I'm forced to face these hate crimes against the state of being
Feeling the weightlessness pressing between the ceiling, reeling around room,
Riding a bubble of sound proof, it's the frequency making you
Shake-shake with every boom
Involuntary muscle contraction, ignoring and drinking musical gas field euphoria
The sound counts to make the dead to have you a head rush with red thoughts and said stuff.

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And One (Outro) song meanings
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    General Commentwe aren't here to laugh at people's mistakes or act like ignorant 'n00bs' or 'shitbricks' *cough* we aren't suppose to be, so why ruin a site, when nobody cares, sorry i had to waste my time, not commenting on the song, just hope people read this and i duno cop on...that's what this world needs, oh yeah and waste your 'linkin park sucks' somehwere else it's not apart of song meanings i know i know i didn't commetn on the song, but it's not the same, i'm challenging others:)i suppose you're suppse to have a disscusion, and mines's a piece od advice, if my comment seems anyway pointless and conderdicting, it wasn't mean to, and i hate starting rows so don't take it as one, this site us to annoy me with pointless argumeesnt on which band is the 'gayest' just don't waste your time, and hatred....i came back hoping this site had changed?.....?later people
    mandy^_^on September 17, 2005   Link
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    General Commentu SUK! lp is THE coooooooooooolest!
    Hybrid_7on June 06, 2004   Link
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    LP IS THE COOLEST!!! :-)
    PiEcEs Of PaInon October 15, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics to this part are wrong. I can't believe this. You are so fucking retarted. These lyrics need to be changed. You ruined Michael's best rap you shitbrick!!! You shall be shot in the face.
    Onion Soupon October 31, 2004   Link
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    General CommentLosEndos, you suck los huevos. Now fuck off and don't talk shit about LP you fuckface assclown.
    Onion Soupon October 31, 2004   Link
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    General CommentHate to say it but this ruins the rest of And One. If this part had been cut out, And One would be a much more fantastic song.
    DejaVu Dreams30on November 08, 2004   Link
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    General Commentpersonally, this is my favorite part of and one
    and ya- the lyrics aren't totally right- i remember "colloquialism" being in there- kinda hard to miss
    N943DJon December 07, 2004   Link
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    General Comment"Spit drips from the jaw of the witless witness"

    "Cryptic colloquialism shifts your midriff"

    "Keep my distance and fear resistance hurt by persistence"

    "musical gas fume euphoria"

    "The sound pounds to make the dead flush to have you a head rush with red rhymes and said stuff"

    cut_and_bleedingon February 06, 2005   Link
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    General Commentfor a few seconds this seemed like an okay site. then i found n00bs like LosEndos, rat in a cage and hybrid 7. i have no clue of the meaning of this therefor i cannot interpret it.

    L8ers people
    Kairenon April 08, 2005   Link
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    General Commentsorry for the spelling mistakes, i should slow down when typing^_^
    mandy^_^on September 17, 2005   Link

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