Indians scattered on dawn's highway bleeding.
Ghosts crowd the young child's fragile egg-shell mind

Blood in the streets
In the town of New Haven.
Blood stains the roofs
And the palm trees of Venice.
Blood in my love
In the terrible summer.
Bloody red sun of
Phantastic L.A.

Blood screams her brain
As they chop off her fingers.
Blood will be born
In the birth of a nation.
Blood is the rose of
Mysterious union.
Blood on the rise,
It's following me.

Indian, Indian
What did you die for?
Indian says nothing at all.

Gently they stir.
Gently rise.
The dead are new-born awakening.
With ravaged limbs
And wet souls.
Gently they sigh
In rapt funeral amazement.

Who called these dead to dance?
Was it the young woman
Learning to play the "Ghost Song"
In her baby grand
Was it the wilderness children?
Was it the Ghost-God himself,
Stuttering, cheering,
Chatting blindly?

I called you up to
Annoint the earth.
I called you to announce
Sadness falling like
Burned skin.
I called you to wish you well
To glory in self like a new monster
And now I call on you to pray.

Lyrics submitted by yuri_sucupira

Newborn Awakening song meanings
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    General Comment"Indian, Indian
    What did you die for?
    Indian says nothing at all. "

    my take is that 2 some natives life must have just been a beautful dream, not examined or conquered.
    if u asked an indian wut he was doing with his life, hed b like, y nuttin at all.
    theres something to that especially how we all rush around all the time now
    theRickon January 25, 2005   Link
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    General CommentGently they stir.
    Gently rise.
    The dead are new-born awakening

    those lines are phenomenal, its interesting how he juxtaposes life w/ death.
    if u really think about it, the dead really are like newborns, waking up to a new (unknown) world.
    with their souls wet (new).

    gently they sigh
    in rapt funeral amazement

    if they really were waking up after their earthly existence they prob would sigh and be like, godamn that was a trip
    rapt funeral amazement - get it they just came from funerals
    theRickon May 15, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIts amazing thats all I can say
    Thommeson July 11, 2005   Link

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