HOPE: standing by the railing my mind feels complicated by those pictures etched in it. My stomach is turning as I’m being weakened by my unstable mind. I tried to be everything; it’s throwing me for a loop. Why try be denied. I need to turn that damn station off. Chorus (have you ever been doing something. Suddenly you think of that one. I did, I hope, that you feel the same way. Have you ever been doing something. Suddenly you think of that one. I did, I hope that you can feel the same way as me) Now I'm sitting and listening to the ticks and all those tocks that keeps my life in time. Staying in time. And as I stare up at the walls they’re falling down on me. Falling down on me. I wish someone would save me. (Chorus repeat twice)

CLOSE YOUR EYES: Cut the cord that ties the lines. Set fire to those tears, that dropped from your eyes. Slash the wounds that, Your heart bears. None of this I. None of this I tell you, will alleviate the tenderness in your heart. Chorus (close your eyes and you will see. Stand guard, take charge of misery) Let it come straight ahead so you can break it down and yell, and yell, out loud. I won, I beat you I tell you none of this you bring will alleviate the tenderness in your heart. (Chorus). I swear I won’t try to be there when you’re never ever there. (Chorus)

RISE AGAINST Kick me to the ground so I can pick myself back up. Shut my mouth so I can scream my way through. Force me to be. Rise against you complicate everything you bring my way. Try me fight me so you can say that you’ve given it a shot today. Chorus( I’m on my way. Here I go). Reaching out spinning in circles. Trying to touch anything close enough. To give me the chance. To let it go. I’m on my way here I go. Looking back at my memories tied between those things that bothered me. What will become of me? Why cant our dreams become reality. (Chorus) I tried till my heart bled. I shed it all for you i'll never back down never back down. I tried till my heart bled I shed it all for you . Rise against you, rise against you.

NO REASON NO POINT: I took my chance and walked away. I threw away all my mistakes. I followed my tender stare. Standing in line. I take it all in at once. And process the information. Sitting full of anticipation. Standing in line. Chorus (no reason to question. No point to figure out. No reason to question no point to figure out). Now I’m standing and waiting ever so. Ever so patiently. I’m standing still in this long line. Waiting like a god boy. (Chorus) Standing still waiting for, I wont be there again. (Chorus)

CHANGE IS NEAR: Conflicting points of view I feel change is near. I see the storm clearing ahead. Take a-hold of the ones that you hold dear and make everyone see you clear. Chorus(The time for change is hear. this song we sing for you. So grab your friends. And come here.) Its sad it took this long it hurts me to think of the ones, who are no longer here. But we are strong. Our days ahead, will be okay, the time is now. (Chorus) After its all said and done promise me you will never forget the time we had. After its all said and done promise me you will never forget the time we hAD the times we shared.( Chorus)

REMINDING ME: smashing glasses. This floor is the perfect target. Tiny pieces I cant pick up. But big enough to cut me reminding me. How I’m today. Today. Chorus (there’s a time when. All these things remind me today.) I missed the pieces that I have searched for. There lingering till I forget. Then suddenly they appear cutting me reminding me how I’m today. Chorus. Bits of broken glass that once meant something. Shattered over the floor. I picked them up so you won’t have to clean my mess. Bits of broken glass that once meant something shattered over the floor I picked them up so you wont have to clean my mess.

TIMELINE: I figured Id day something. Because it hasn’t been said for so long. The feelings and the thoughts that are mine. The way I look and how I act. The simple things that drive me confuse me at the same time. At the same time. Chorus (long term memory on a short timeline. I can’t remember no matter how hard I try. I’m just wasting time) Self esteem only a word to me. Alcohol brought it from the inside. Looking back it seems so sad what went wrong between those years of being young growing old being young growing old. Chorus

LAST ONE PICKED: He’s not that cool don’t dress like you, goes straight home after school. Waits for that day when that girl will say she likes the way he does his hair. Wears his pants. Understands the words that come from his head. He’s the last one picked. And he sits in his room. Listens to an emo song. Looking at her picture with those words that say I hoe you have a great summer. Its been fun, he wished it would day. K.I.T. here’s my phone number. He’s the last one picked. Chorus (This is for all those girls. Who were to cool. Who broke the hearts of those boys who really loved them) Its another year, were still here same old town same old broken heart. Looking back at what me though our future would bring. Now were here. A single bond that ties us together. Were the last one picked. Chorus.

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