"The Life" as written by Leslie Pridgen, Eddie Money, M. Carter, Dwight Grant and Eric Johnson....
Come on, come on
Feel good don't it?

[Verse 1]
This is for warm days and drift away
While the sun sets and the ghetto's play
Long nights on a hot summer's block
When you sip yo brew, and never touch yo glock
This is for eyes, that cry like yours and mine
To smile again, rise above the pain
This is for you and your crew, the ones that's true
Will always love you, no matter what you do

Cause it's the life, the life, the life
The life, the life
It's the life, the life, the life, life
It's the life, the life, the life, yo life, yo life
It's the life, your life, my life

[Verse 2]
This is for soldier's who bust they guns(bust, bust)
In the name of freedom not the game of fun
True Queens, who raise they kids
Implement the knowledge, show em how to live
This is for those who stand in line and feed their babie's(i know)
While were runnin out of time
This is for the unjustice behind bars
Our lovers, our leader's, our people(our people)


[Mystic Rhyming]
Don't let em miss, miss guide you
They'll have you actin like the sun don't shine
And the sky ain't never blue
But you know and I know it's all about survival
This struggle of our people is like that unraveled
The poloticans they was never in control (never)
It's deeper then that a true battle for the soul
What they want is to bring us to our knees
So my people guard yo life by any means

[Verse 3]
This is for those who know we all gon die
Set up that way by infinite powers
Those who know the feel of chains
And the belly of the beast and of mental strain
This is for those who have they're own fallen angels
Tryna find a way on
This is for everybody (everybody)
And everybody is so life


Yo, you gotta keep smilin
No matter what
Cause this is the life
What you gon do bout that, huh?
Yo, A-Plus, Hieroglyphics

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"The Life" as written by Mandolyn Wind Ludlum Camara Yero Kambon


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    General CommentI remember when I fist heard this...it was on Disney channel.....i really liked it...just thought i'd say so....wonder where she's at now.
    angeleyes07on December 17, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song perfectly captured the issues of people of color- trying to keep your hope, identity, and soul in the face of a society that crushes you slowly.
    Bankueion October 21, 2006   Link

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