Inhaling the light from the sun
the great white sky mammals constantly changing
breathing and floating across the ocean above
alive with spirit and a soul of thier own
no destination they just drift with the breeze
I'm in my automobile fumbling with my keys
reaching beneath the car seat
I found some napkins and pennies
rasied my vision back up into the ocean
It looks to me like the whole family
has come to pay me a visit, for paying attention
thirty deep with grace, strength, and defining unity
they hold themselves up high and glide with pride

Let the world surround you
Weather or not you think it's rain or snow
Let your mind escape you
release all your feeling
and proceed to free your soul

Let me seek to find
The truth that's inside,
the mind of
Every individual
Cause I know for a fact
That it's indivisible
By the flashing lights
From this given principal
As you look towards the sky
You'll see an overcast,
It's then you realize that your sunny days have passed
Looking around, you're feeling like a tourist
This ain't no walk in the park
This time it's in the forrest
Bright lights in the sky
As the darkness encloses you
No back-up this time
cause it already destroyed your crew
The rain and the snow
Combine to make a force
That will have you on your knees
Searching for the source

The air begins to thicken
Natures pace starts to quicken
Sky shades transforming Kalidiscope eye
Bodies barriading through the rain drops
spit from a cloud that threw down it's root
and erupted nearby
Colossal weeping pine tree in the cemetry
arms drapped about with a fastened stare
Smoke filling the doorways of your mind
corrupting your sight with an evil glare
The wind like cold velcro attaching itself to my skin
grabing a hold your mind and the body within
Definatly on a mission
Definatly gonna win
Gather all around and jump up and down

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