"Blenderhead" as written by and Brett Gurewitz....
Flying through a dark prismatic tunnel on a carousel,
The earth is turning and you know it very well,
Your mind is reeling like ten helicopters wheeling
And you're gonna hit the ceiling like a mallet on a bell,

Hey, blenderhead,
They're starting to ask questions,
Your transgressions are a danger flashing sign,
Challenge conventions and radiate your splendour
And feel those flywheels churn your blenderhead,

Tally up the gleaming ventured on a wishing well,
Each shining trinket as a story it can tell,
Your moments pining like those tales all intertwining
Can become the rusted lining of a deep neglected shell,

Hey, blenderhead, you ask so many questions,
Your confusion's a life-affirming sign,
Break from tradition and carry on with valour
And feel those flywheels churn you blenderhead

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"Blenderhead" as written by Brett Gurewitz

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    General CommentAccording to the liner notes, both the words and music were written by Mr. Brett.

    Therefore, considering the time period and the author, it could very well be about drugs. However I'm more inclined to think that it's about gaining free thought, especially with lines like, "break with tradition, carry on with valor" and "challenge convention, radiate your splendor"
    Blackbird_1565on July 01, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of my favorite bad religion songs. The way I understand it is as follows; blenderhead referrs to someone who is constantly thinking and questioning everything. The line about flywheels is great cause a flywheel is something heavy that keeps rotating and is hard to stop, so once you start thinking like this, its difficult to stop, i.e. the flywheels keep churning. In the first chorus, Blenderhead is young and gets into trouble, and is very image concerned (radiate your splendor), and by the end of it, he has embraced his inquisitive nature and he carries on with valor.
    Blenderhead91on October 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song's about what it's like to grow up in a confusing world. A "blenderhead" is someone who's had all the conflicting stimuli of the world thrust upon them, and their head is nothing but a swirling mix of everyone else's opinions.
    punkpirateon January 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI know its cliche, but I strongly feel that this song is about drugs use. Flying through a prsimatc tunnel, a reeling mind, questonable tragressions, splendor and confusion can all be tied to drug use. I think the term blenderhead is someone whose mind is being "churned" by substances. In the second verse the line "tally up the gleaming tender ventured on a wishing well" (and even though the cd booklet it doesnt have the word tender, it is in the song) seems to be a poetic way to say, think about all the money youve spend on drugs. The wishing well aspect signifying that most drug users do it in a vain attempt to better their life. And the shell he mentions later is the crippling emotional effect drug addiction has. The line "the earth is turning and you know it very well" appears to be describing the passage of time (much like "one more turn toward the east" in the preceeding song, Get Off) And that ties in with the end verse when he says "break from tradtion and carry on with valor". I think its greg talking about brett's heroin addiction and how its no longer an adolescent phase, but apart of his life.

    This is another example of how greg graffin can maintain a beautiful rhyme scheme without sacraficing meaning for poetry.
    hooloovooon December 12, 2006   Link
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    General CommentBlenderHead91 you hit it right on the spot. thats exactly what this song is about.

    typically pot smokers turn into this. start over-analyzing, scrutinizing, and questioning everything, while all the while your just going off the deep end, building a bridge to nowhere, beeting on yur mind every second with yur fist.. In somewhat of a state of delirium. crazy people think everyone else is crazy.

    I kinda used to be this way. drawing morals, quotations, and questions on my walls. thinking I was establishing something sterile that could provide me with substance. It doesnt work like that. Little did I know I was just going insane. and I sure as hell did hit the cieling. I went to some bad places.

    I was all this song describes and moor. and when I realized Im starting asking too many questions and getting that way, I have to stop myself and think of the ceiling. Its The greatest song ever written.


    pinkfadeon January 05, 2009   Link

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