You're brown eyes
Dig me a grave
But I feel so alive
I know I've been saved
Found the girl
That always makes me smile
Worth all the trouble
Hope you stick around for a while
The smell of your hair
Like a summertime night
Drives me crazy
But I think that's all right
And you smile at me
And a piece of me melts
Kissing you
Is like nothing I've ever felt
I watch you as
Your hair falls over your shoulders
Wanna live like this now
And never grow older
You touch me so lightly
And I feel myself pull
Closer to you
Because you're so beautiful

Your tongue burns my mouth
As I touch your body
And you touch mine
And thoughts of sex run through me
Now your furnitures gone
And we sit on the floor
You know I wanna do it
But I'm glad you're not a whore
Holding your hands
The feelings so soft
I wanna get you alone
And we can both get off

Sometimes I'm not sure who I am
I see your picture and I'm back again
Tripping over my feet just to get to you
I'm so sorry for the past and what I put you through
I can't believe the nights I've cried
Cause I had you by my side
These tears of joy, tears of desire
My heart burns for you like a winter fire
And I promise you I'm here to stay
I'll never let you get away

I'm glad what I see is what I get
In my eyes you are perfect
Hair like silk and skin like velvet
Soft to the touch,chills my every bone
A smile lights my face when I see I'm not alone
I'm afraid, I'm so sedated
Awake in a dream that's complicated
Drawing pictures on your bedroom wall
We laugh together as we fall
A million songs get stuck in our head
And I hear you sing them as I lie in bed
Your voice, so soft and sweet
You're hotter than the summer heat

I'm nervous, I'm really not sure
But you smile at me and ask for more
We laugh at ourselves and our stupid jokes
I can't help but drifting, your charm envokes
You're crazy, funny, smart
I knew I loved you from the start
When you took my keys and held them from me
I wanted you, my body went crazy
I didn't know what I was gonna do
But then you left and realized you loved me too
I believe you, I know it's true
I can see it in your eyes like a sunset hue
You'll always be my girl, I'll always love you

Sometimes, I don't know whats going on
But you calm me and tell me nothing's wrong
So I write my feelings in this song
When I'm with you I am strong
Driving in the car I scream like a psychpath
You jump out of your seat and then we laugh
I'm glad you're with me, I can't be beat
'Cause you fulfill me, you make me complete

And I'll keep on loving you

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    General Comment origionally there was going to be 2 versions... the clean version and the dirty version but i decided to edit them and add them together taking out the extremely vulgar parts
    Conkeron September 01, 2002   Link

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