Walking further from your dark, complex cave
Of lonely manipulation
On am empty trail, as the moonlight shines down
From a grey, desolate sky
Which seems to offer the perfect changes
Intimidating walls of repressed memories
Continue to grow deep around my soul
With perfect changes

Interrogate - Question everything
Slip into denail - Tear into the pain
I am not a fucking slave
So, take this broken chain
Cut it away
And question every part of you

Entering an abandoned shelter
As blackened patches of shimmering light seep through
The cracked windows of unforgiven sorrow
This change is perfect
The distant sound of forgotten voices
Slowly becomes relevant in my eternal solitude
As perfect changes form

Evacuate - Burns of cold disease
Leaving her in ashes
Painting misery
Constant pain inside of me
Sharp as a metal knife cutting away
And spreading open every part of you
Every point of you (the face of truth)
Sharp as metal knives shredding the face (the face of truth)
And spreading open the fucking truth

Gripping every piece of everything I hate about you
I can't take this anymore
I keep wanting this to break
Cutting away from spreading open every part of you

Growing into me
Filling up with light
Burning in my soul
This longing never dies
Rip off my face
Throw me in my grave
Close the gate
Lock me far away
Tear apart the roots of belief
Conceive the truth of her mystery

Fall in half far down in a hole
Cut the pulse, break all of my bones
Lock the door and throw out the key
Conceive the truth of her mystery
I've found this longing never dies. . .

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    General CommentAnybody got a light?
    AAngel1_4Uon August 30, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI would want to say to the writer, gee I'm sorry life sucked. Wallowing in your own self pity, you can't love yourself and with that its hard for somebody to love you. Sometimes the hardest thing is forgiving yourself.If you can't ,it eats a mans soul alive.
    AAngel1_4Uon August 30, 2002   Link

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