"Out Of Control" as written by Douglas Robb, Daniel Estrin, Markku Lappalainen and Chris Hesse....
I used to smile at the camera
But now it,s on every corner
And everyone is staring
Ignorant or tired or caring
Or just completely used to feeling
Watched all the time
Or holding back a sense of freedom
That comes out late at night

It's out of control

Orwell's future science fiction
Ended up a near prediction
Smug the rebel's lonely chorus
'We saw it before it saw us'
Flick the page to a few years later
The novelty is out of date - a
Problem redefined has gone
Now we're told it's what we wanted

It's out of control
It's out of control
It's out of control

Now everyone's on camera
And everyone's an actor
Here's a random factor
Someone took away the screen
E-motion pictures in 3-D
Beyond control the human being
Is freer than the one projected

Being watched to keep control
Of 'crime' - A buzzword has its hold
Another such is 'you' - it makes us
Follow where the message takes us
Either down the path to silence
Where no-one says more than they're told
Or to the realisation
Our containment needs permission

Our acceptance paves the way
That makes it worse when we get old
Grandad had so much to say
But all his anger had gone cold

Tried & tested, failed suppressed
Then new technology invested
Here's the future human being
Silent, nervous, dead or screaming

No! It's out of control!
No! No! It's out of control!
No! No! It's out of control!

No! No! It's out of control!
No! No! It's out of control!
No! No! It's out of control!
No! No! It's out of control!
No! No! It's out of control!

Well you know, you're walking down the street and you know you're being looked at from every corner you can imagine. It's out of control as much as if we have no control over how much control they've got overall. ??? Do something! You can even us your imagination a bit more and stare back at the camera as though you're just being in control every move you make. And we'll open that a bit more; I mean why the hell do they have to watch us anyway? Why they're so busy doing it? What is the bloody point?

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    General Comment"In '89 when the eastern European countries opened up to western eyes and the Berlin wall toppled, Romania ousted its leader Ceaucescu who - to the shock of our free press - had installed cameras on the streets to observe his people... outrageous, it would never happen here, etc, etc. Now the U.K. has more cctv cameras than any other country per head of population. Being watched became being protected. The price of protection is the subliminal idea that we cannot control ourselves, and the resulting further deterioration of sense of community that humans are geared to. As big business crime goes on unheeded we walk the streets afraid of the potential criminal amongst us, and even the one inside us... because being watched has always inferred GUILT or NOT BEING TRUSTED. It creates low self-esteem which on a large scale creates a society whose only cohesive point of reference is the government, to love or to hate, but the sole provider of better times just around the corner... pacified via television, yet scrutinised when outdoors, it's watch or be watched. All else will be taken care of.

    On a happier note, the cameras are pretty much useless, unattended or empty; any use of cctv film by the cops to secure conviction is - until they amend the law - contrary to article 8 of the European convention on human right (the right to respect for private & family life, and its sanctity against "interference by public authority"); and cctv, errr, create jobs? Screen-staring of yet another kind! "PHONE IN SICK!" signs held up to the cameras.... (quick before they make that illegal too). "

    that's what the album sleeve has to say about the song, i didn't type it up, i got it form a punk lyrics site (if you were wondering.) it's definitely worth a read!
    Maggoton August 29, 2002   Link

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