"Spielmannsfluch" as written by Michael Rhein, Kay Lutter, Reiner Morgenroth, Thomas Mund, Boris Pfeiffer, Andre Strugala, Marco Zorzytzky and Ludwig Uhland....
Es war einmal ein König an Land und Dingen reich
Der saß auf seinem Throne finster und bleich
Was er sinnt ist Schrecken, was er blickt ist Wut
Was er spricht ist Geißel, was er schreibt ist Blut

Einst zog zu diesem Schlosse ein edles Sängerpaar
Einer hat schwarze Locken, der andre ist grau von Haar
Der Graue sprach zum Jungen: "Sei bereit mein Sohn,
Spiel die besten Lieder, stimm an den vollsten Ton!"

:Es regnet, es regnet Blut
Es regnet den Spielmannsfluch:

Es spielen die beiden Sänger I'm hohen Säulensaal
Auf dem Throne sitzt das Königspaar
Der König so prächtig wie blutiger Nordenschein
Die Königin so süß wie der Sonnenschein

Sie singen von Lenz, Liebe, Heiligkeit
Sie zerfloss in Wehmut, Lust war auch dabei
Ihr habt mein Volk geblendet, verlangt ihr nun mein Weib?
Der König schreit wütend, er bebt am ganzen Leib

Es regnet, es regnet Blut
Es regnet den Spielmannsfluch

Des Königs Schwert blitzend des Jünglings Brust durchdringt
Statt der goldnen Lieder nun ein Blutstrahl springt
Der Jüngling hat verröchelt in seines Meisters Arm
Dann schreit der Alte schaurig, der Marmorsaal zerspringt

do verfluchter Mörder, do Fluch des Spielmann Tun
Umsonst sei all dein Ringen, mit Blut befleckt dein Tun
Des Königs Namen meldet kein Lied, kein Heldenbuch
Versunken und vergessen - das ist des Spielmanns Fluch

Es regnet, es regnet Blut
Es regnet den Spielmannsfluch

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"Spielmannsfluch" as written by Reiner Morgenroth Ludwig + 1862 Uhland

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    General CommentThis song is about the might of bards, because when they dont sing about something, even a kingdom, it can be forgotten soon. In this case its a curse. A cruel and evil king killed a young bard because he performed so well that the queen fell in love, so the other bards will punish the king by their means.
    desensitizedon August 29, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThere are almost no comments on any song of In Ex and one was, that they are not understood because they are in german. Most germans don't understand english lyrics but hear about only 5% of their music in german and just listen to the music and the voice. Maybe there are even some more who like In Extremo, but can't understand it, so I'll make some translations of the some of their best songs:

    "Bards Curse

    Once there was a king, rich in land and victories
    Who sat on his throne, gloomy and pale
    What he thinks is terror, what he sees is wrath
    What he says is scurge, what he writes is blood

    Once there traveled a pair of bards to this castle
    One with black curls, the other with grey hair
    The grey spoke to the young: "Be prepared my son,
    Play the best songs, sing the fullest notes."

    It's raining, it's raining blood
    It's raining the bards curse

    The two bards are playing hin the grand hall
    On the throne are sitting the king and queen
    The king as glorious as bloody nothern light (?)
    The queen as sween as the sunshine

    They sing of spring, love, holyness
    She was taken by awe, lust had been there, too
    "You've blended my folk, do you demand my wife now?"
    The king is screaming angry, his whole body is shaking

    It's raining, it's raining blood
    It's raining the bards curse

    The kings sword flashing thrust in the youngs chest
    Instead of golden songs, now blood is streaming
    The young has died in his masters arms
    There the old one screams terrifying, the marble hall shatters

    "You cursed murderer, you curse of the bards trade
    For nothing be your deeds, blood taints your deeds"
    No book tells of the kings name, and no heroes poem
    Lost and forgotten - that's the bards curse

    It's raining, it's raining blood
    It's raining the bards curse."

    As said before this one is about the power of bards or even just those people who are admired be the common people.
    Neithanon April 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI like this song very much, it has some sort of power that lets me listen to it again and again. I got only a little problem understanding spoken/sung german and most of the german songs just don't sound properly in english.
    BTW does anybody know if these lyrics are by In Extremo or are they just singing an existing text? Is it my failing memory or is it true that F. Schiller has written a similiar (or exactly this one) ballade? :)
    Ah, and it's quite a nice thing to make a little drama act based on the situation described ;)
    Sjrvon November 02, 2006   Link
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    General Comment@sjrv
    The song is based on the poem "Des Sängers Fluch" by Ludwig Uhland ingeb.org/Lieder/…. It is one of my In Extremo favorites.
    Tallicafanon November 05, 2006   Link

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