"Manimal" as written by and Pat Smear Crash Darby....
I came into this world
As a puzzled panther
Waiting to be caged
But something stood in the way
I was never quite tamed
Crossed paths of right and wrong
Saw them take their toll
I saw the armies march
And like animals they crawled

Evolution is a process
Too slow to save my soul
I've got this creature on my back
It just won't let go
Ha ha ha
If I am only an animal
Then I can do no wrong
But they say something better
So I've got to hang on

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"Manimal" as written by Pat Smear Crash Darby

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    My InterpretationI agree (kinda) with punkpirate but i would also like to add that in order to interpret or bring any meaning out of darby's songs that we must understand one of his most important influences which would be the book "Will To Power"

    The song is about the will to live in which both animals and humans share, hence the title "Manimal". I think he makes it this very clear when he says "If i am only an animal then i can do no wrong but they say something better so i've gotta hold on" It also talks about how the concept of "right and wrong" are human manifestations in which I could go further into detail but it would be very lengthy and i don't feel like typing that much.
    Circle2on October 19, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis song is very poetic ( to bad Darby Crash cant sing to save his life lol ) but i belive it means can mean two things. Either it means he was born like any other human being but humans failed to raise him into a respectful person and thats why he is the person he was. It could also mean humans are a plague upon earth because they have conciouse thought. In other words we have the power to build, destroy, kill etc and animals or any other race for that matter has no chance
    Freak in Cageon August 27, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIt's about the struggle between nature and nurture... in other words, are we born superior to other animals or do we learn to be civilized from our society? It's about wrestling with animal impulse and instinct when it conflicts with societal norms.
    punkpirateon January 17, 2006   Link
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    General Commentummm hello does "Evolution is a process Too slow to save my soul" not ring any bells? He feels as if he was born as the wrong being and needs to evolve. Maybe I can relate because I wish I was a fucking animal because life would be so much easier.
    teenymarieon April 12, 2013   Link

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